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Workshop 09/02/2017

Date of Event: 09-February-2017

Time of Event: 16:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan

Subject: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) is pleased to invite you to attend a film industry panel discussion with director Hanro Smitsman, producer Germen Boelens and festival programmer Rami El Harayri.

Time & Date: Thursday, 9th February 2017, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

Location: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, Film House, 1st Circle, Jabal Amman, 5 Omar Bin Al Khattab Street.

About the panel discussion: The panel discussion will focus largely on storytelling , production, distribution and financing  It will also discuss how a well-drawn story can give opportunities to finding funding for script development and realization regionally and globally.

The panel’s program:

  • Guests will share their experience from their current filming of the Dutch movie “Brother” in Jordan.
  • A showcase of some scenes from films by director Smitsman and producer Boelens at (Corrino Drama).
  • Discussing the development and production of films by Jordanian filmmakers, who will be participating in the panel.
  • Sharing the experience of scriptwriters cooperating with filmmakers in the Netherlands. 
  • Funding and distribution of film projects in Jordan and the Netherlands.
  • Possibilities for financing and theatrical release of Jordanian film projects through the Netherlands.

Language of the discussion: English with Arabic translation. .

About the instructors

Hanro Smitsman is a writer, director and producer for film and television. He has directed various feature films, TV series and short films that have been acclaimed in the Netherlands and abroad. He also directed a documentary “2000 Terrorists” about the victims of the Sabra & Shatila massacre in 1982 in Lebanon.

Smitsman’s award-winning films “Skin”, “Schemer” (Dusk) and short films “Dajo”, “Engel en Broer” and “Raak” (Contact) – the latter has received the Golden Bear Award in Berlin - have attracted the attention of the international critique and contributed to situating him as one of the most talented Dutch filmmakers of his generation.

Germen Boelens is a Dutch film producer and is currently the head of (Corrino Drama). Boelens produced the Emmy Kids nominated film “Dede: Mehmet with the Yellow Boots” by director Tamara Miranda and children's animation film “Free as a Bird” by Joyce van Diepen. Together with young talented filmmakers, he produced several short films.  He is currently producing socially engaged feature films; “Brother” (in production 2017) and “Fortune Seekers” (2018), both directed by Smitsman.

Rami El Harayri is an award-winning Dutch filmmaker with Jordanian origins. El Harayri has written, directed and produced several short narrative and documentary films, including: “Behind the Smoke Screen”, “Never Too Late” and “Damp Soil”.

Target group: Jordanian filmmakers or filmmakers residing in Jordan, who are interested in the film industry.

Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to: and type the following title under the subject: “Film Industry Panel Discussion”.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, 7th February 2017 - 3:00 PM.

For further information, please contact the Royal Film Commission - Jordan on: 06 4613835 ext. 103, 106, 109.