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Film Screening 21/02/2017

Date of Event: 21-February-2017

Time of Event: 19:00

Location of Event: The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman- 1st Circle

Tuesday 21 February

Another Time

7:00 PM

Nahid Hassanzadeh, 82 min, Social Drama, Persian with English subtitles, Iran, 2016

Ghadir, a chemical plant worker, protests against being unpaid for over a year and is arrested during a demonstration and imprisoned without trial.

He is released one year later with no explanation given. As he returns back home, he finds out that his daughter, Somayeh, has given birth out of wedlock.

The movie has won the Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award for Best Film at Kolkata Film Festival and Best Actor Award at Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival. It was also screened in São Paulo International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and Exground Film Festival.