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Internationally renowned screenwriters from all around the world undertake the role of Rawi’s Creative Advisors, as they join the Lab to guide the aspiring screenwriters, honing and maximizing their creative talents; not just by developing their entry scripts but also by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to guide them throughout all their future screenwriting endeavors.

Following is the list of Rawi Creative Advisors for the past 17 rounds:

Rawi Creative Advisors 2022

Ahmed Amer - Egypt
Bernd Lichtenberg - Germany
Juliano Dornelles - Brazil
Margaret Glover – England
Nadia Eliewat - Jordan
Sharon Doyle - United States
Tonia Mishiali - Cyprus
Yeşim Ustaoğlu - Turkey

Rawi Creative Advisors 2021

Sharon Doyle - United States

Rawi Creative Advisors 2019

Rawi Creative Advisors 2005

Teresa Lawton - USA