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Creative Consultants

Creative Consultants play an important role in Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab as they carefully go through all the submitted projects making sure the ones selected are those showing promise and most likely to benefit from the Lab.

 Following is the list of Mosalsalat Creative Consultants for the past round, in addition to a brief bio for each:

 Aladdin Qaraqish

Born in 1981, Aladdin Qaraqish is a professional screenwriter who launched his career after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Halwan in Egypt. Early on, he worked in animation, but his passion and interest in screenwriting pushed him to pursue a master’s degree in Cinematic Arts from the Red Sea Institute for Cinematic Arts concentrating on screenwriting. After that, he worked on content development and writing scripts for several clients including Netflix, Arab Telemedia Group, Sesame Workshop, Edraak, and Spica Productions, in addition to several other companies and institutes both local and international. Qaraqish is currently a full-time freelance screenwriter and has recently joined the Royal Film Commission as a film advisor.

Anwar Saudi

Jordanian producer/writer holding a BF in film studies from UTAH university and over 20 years of experience as a writer, director and producer with several large Middle-East production houses.

He is currently a consultant producer for Netflix MENA.

His direction credits include directing, co-directing and unit directing in the “Road to Kabul”, “The sons of Alrashid”, “Abu Ja’afar Al-Mansour”, “The Rough Road”, “Jamr Alghada” and “The Invasion”.

His writing credits include “Nokta wa Satar Jadid”, “Shu hal Haki”, “Medinah”, “The Promise of a Stranger” and “Ibn Rushd”. As a producer he worked on “Ras Ghleis”, “Karima”, “Al-Anoud”, “Audeh abu Tayeh”, “Oyoun Alia”, “Nimer bin Adwan”, “Sun Rises Again”, “Love in Hyde Park”, “Malik bin Alrayb” and “Thar Ghleis”.

Ramy Abdelrazek

Ramy Abdelrazek is an Egyptian screenwriter and film critic. He is a member of the Egyptian Film Critics Association and the International Federation of Film Critics. He participated as a film critic, member of the jury, and a member of the Selection Committee in several international festivals, such as the Cairo International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Malmo Arab Film Festival, and is currently working as a consultant for MBC. Abdelrazek writes in several newspapers as a film critic in addition to being a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University - Department of Drama and Theatrical Criticism.