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Film Centers in Governorates

The Film Centers provide an open space for the young talented Jordanians to express themselves creatively, through audio-visual media, with a focus on the art and craft of filmmaking. 

Film Centers – which are located in Zarqa, Salt and Aqaba and supported by Zain - are easily accessible to the local community, providing space, equipment and learning opportunities. 

The Film Centers serve several objectives:
  • Promote filmmaking as a tool for expression and as a viable growing industry.
  • Encourage and support Jordanians to tell their stories artistically through audio-visual means.
  • Build the capacities of young Jordanians by providing training on filmmaking and multimedia tools in order to express themselves.
  • Spread film culture and increase public interest in the art of filmmaking.
  • Enable individuals to gain a better understanding of the media and its tools.
  • Offer career guidance in the filmmaking industry.