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In 2006, an old Ammani villa built in 1919 in one of the oldest parts of the city, was acquired by the Board of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) and turned into Jordan’s first center for the audio-visual arts: the Film House. The Film House serves as the doorway to educate and inspire Jordanians who want to learn and know more about cinema, film, and the audio-visual arts. The Film House aims to develop the audio-visual industry while encouraging the emerging film culture in Jordan. In an effort to become a local and regional hub for audio-visual creativity and filmmaking, the Film House offers various amenities for anyone interested in the industry to join in. The center hosts educational workshops, training seminars and film screenings, offers access to a complete audiovisual library, as well as it hosts events with professionals from abroad, all meant to enrich and further the film industry in Jordan.

Providing the latest technologies available within the audio-visual industry, people interested in film, whether locals or from the region, can share and initiate their projects at the Film House through:

  • A workshop area with screening equipment (projector and sound mixer) that can be used for various workshops and meetings.
  • An equipment bank that will lend cameras, sound-recording and lighting equipment to filmmakers.
    >> Regulation for RFC Equipment.
    >> Project Support Form.
  • A film and media library, including computer research facilities, books, DVDs and seven viewing stations, all meant to further knowledge of the industry.
  • An editing room with the latest technologies available within the audio-visual industry equipped with eight computer stations with full software.
  • An outdoor amphitheater, with a capacity of seating 140 viewers, with a state-of-the-art 3m x 4m projection screen along with sound system for various film screenings and events.
  • A portable 3m x 4m projection screen to be used in various locations like the outdoor terrace or for indoor screenings.
  • A large outdoor terrace, seating 250 people, with an outstanding view of the Citadel and downtown Amman, which can be used for various cultural events.
  • A Film Café “Montage”.
  • A residency room on site that offers accommodation for visiting professionals.
The objective of the Film House is to create an open space for anyone interested in watching and discussing films, learning about films and filmmaking – and eventually making his/her own films.

Welcome to The Film House, Jordan’s premier center for audio-visual arts!

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