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Filming Procedure

The Royal Film Commission-Jordan is dedicated to providing productions with comprehensive services that include:

  • Provision of detailed and fast information about filming in Jordan.
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits.
  • Assistance in location scouting with knowledge of all locations.
  • Assistance in customs clearance for technical equipment.
  • Assistance in casting and recruiting local crew and extras at competitive rates throughout the Production Directory. 
  • Facilitation access to production services, facilities and equipment.
  • Liaison with private and public sector entities.
For more information on production in Jordan, please feel free to download our digital copy of the Production Directory.

  • The Production Form is to be sent with all requirements. (If any information is missing, the project cannot be processed) to:

  • The time frame to get approvals is shown below: 
Time Frame for Approval
General areas / Streets 2 days
Border locations 2 weeks
Touristic areas / Antiquities 1 week
Locations under Ministries's authority (e.g. schools, bus stations, parks) 2 weeks
Refugee camps 4 weeks
Airports 4 weeks
Military base camps 4 weeks
Some locations should be scheduled on a certain time and date.
Most public locations in Jordan are free of charge. 

  • Military / Police: approval can take up to 1 month; signing a contract and payment might be required in case there is a need to rent an equipment. The request should include the below information:
       - Date and Time.
       - Location.
       - Requirement.
       - Scene Description.

  • Civil Defense: approval takes 1 week; signing a contract and payment might be required. The request should include the below information:
       - Date and Time.
       - Location.
       - Requirement.

  • Pyros / Weapons: 4 to 6 weeks are needed for the import license through the Ministry of Interior.
       - Pyros are stored and handled by the Police bomb division and will be on set on required dates.
       - Weapons are stored by the army and will be provided on the required dates for filming.

  • Cargo shipping: should be done under the Film Commission’s name
    Consignee name:
    Royal Film Commission - Jordan
    5 Omar Bin Khattab Street
    Jebel Amman
    811991 Amman 11181

    A packing list and a copy of the air waybill must be sent to the Royal Film Commission a week before arrival of the shipment.
    Please note that this does not include consumable items, so please make sure consumables are packed separately.
    After filming is over, all shipments should be shipped back.

  • Excess luggage: the following information must be sent 3 days prior to arrival:
       - List of equipment with serial numbers and quantities.
       - Passport copy of the person carrying the equipment.
       - Flight details.
   Upon departure, the traveler must declare the equipment is leaving the country at the customs office at the airport.

  • Radios / Walkie-Talkies: 3 week is needed for approval prior to arrival and 1 week for clearance.