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How To Apply

The 3rd round of Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab will take place in May 2023.

Extended deadline for submissions: Saturday 21 January 2023, at midnight (Jordan time).


  • Only Arab screenwriters, regardless of their country of residence, are eligible to apply.
  • Independent screenwriters, co-writers or writers/directors can apply.
  • The project must be the applicant’s original creation or adapted from optioned source material.
  • Applicants cannot have sold a series project (pilot or pitch) to a studio or network in past that has been shot.
  •  Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab Alumni are not eligible to apply.

To Apply:

Please apply by filling out this online form.

Participation fees: Free

The main application requirements are: (all to be submitted through the form)

1. Series logline: one to two sentences describing the project (max 75 words).
2. Series overview: a description covering your series that gives the reader a feel of its main characters, the basic plot, the story engine, the series arc, and tone (max 500 words).
3. Filmmaker's statement: describe your personal connection to the material, why do you want to tell this particular story, and why now? Also, a brief description of your vision and creative approach of the project (max 500 words).
4. Thematic statement: express the theme of your series across the series different episodes, and how is the theme connected to your characters and their journeys (max 250 words).
5. Pilot synopsis: a brief summary of your pilot episode’s plot, the main characters, key story points, including the ending (max 500 words).
6. Pilot script: a complete pilot script in standard format.
7. Work samples: online links of your previous works: short or feature documentary or narrative or experimental film or TV series or commercials or other or works; you don’t have to be the main writer or director. All previous works submitted must have English subtitles.
8. Biography: in paragraph format and not CV or filmography (min 250 and max 300 words).
9. Updated CV.
10. Visual approach (optional): the visual language which you will use to communicate with the audience, setting the mood and ambience of the project. This could include, and is not limited to: Space, Framing, Sound and Music, Lenses, Positions and Motions of the Camera, Lighting and Color, Props, Wardrobes, and Locations

Applications submitted in Arabic will be initially accepted, and an English translation will be requested if the application moves to the evaluation stage.

For more information about the application, please visit Mosalsalat FAQ or contact us at: