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How To Apply

The 2nd round of Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab will take place physically between May 15th & 20th, 2022.


  • Only Arab screenwriters, regardless of their country of residence, are eligible to apply.
  • Independent screenwriters, co-writers or writers/directors can apply.
  • The project must be the applicant’s original creation or adapted from optioned source material.
  •  Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab Alumni are not eligible to apply.

To Apply:

Applications for the 3rd round will be opened at a later stage.

Participation fees: Free

The main application requirements are: (all to be submitted through the form)

  • Series logline: one to two sentences describing the project (max 75 words).
  • Series overview: covering at least 6 episodes between 24 and 59 minutes each (max 500 words).
  • Filmmaker's statement: description of your vision and creative approach of the project and why you want to tell this story (max 500 words).
  • Thematic statement: one to two sentences expressing the theme of the project (max 250 words).
  • Visual approach: The visual language which you will use to communicate with the audience, setting the mood and ambience of the project. This could include, and is not limited to: Space, Framing, Sound and Music, Lenses, Positions and Motions of the Camera, Lighting and Color, Props, Wardrobes, and Locations (PDF Format), optional.
  • Pilot synopsis: a brief summary of your pilot episode’s plot, the main characters, key story points, including the ending (max 500 words).
  •  Work samples: online links of your previous works: short or feature documentary or narrative or experimental film or TV series or commercials or other or works; you don’t have to be the main writer or director. All previous works submitted must have English subtitles.
  • Updated CV.
  • Biography: in paragraph format and not CV or filmography (max 350 words). Screenwriter’s biography.
  • Pilot script (optional).

For more information about the application, please visit Mosalsalat FAQ or contact us at: