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Film Fund

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The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) supports the activities and programs that develop the potential of the independent local film industry, as well as its economic viability and continuity. To that end, the Jordan Film Fund (JFF) has been established to enable filmmakers to tell their stories in addition to developing the independent film industry and contributing to its sustainability, especially in Jordan.

Financial assistance is offered to feature-length narrative and documentary films in development, production and post-production stages; production of short (narrative, documentary and animation) films as well as TV series in development stage. 

Eligibility and Conditions:

  • Applicants should be 18 years or over.
  • A Jordanian national or an Arab residing in Jordan for five years minimum can apply.
  • A Jordanian national or an Arab national, who has been residing in Jordan for at least five years, should occupy one or more of these roles to be eligible to apply: producer, director or writer.
  • In short film category, Jordanian national or Arab nationals, who have been residing in Jordan for at least five years are eligible to apply.
  • JFF supports feature-length narratives and documentaries (60 minutes and above) at development, production and post-production stages; also, the production of shorts (narrative, documentary and animated) films (5 to 25 minutes); it also supports the development of TV series.
  • At least 50% of all dialogue, narration, voiceover and any form of communication within the project must be in Arabic.
  • At least 50% of the production must be in Jordan.
  • JFF grantees (producers, directors and writers) can apply for a new project only one year after the completion phase of their previously granted project. However, grantees are eligible to apply with a new project in a different category without waiting for one year.
  • Only the eligible producer is entitled to apply; otherwise the application will be automatically disqualified. This applies to all categories except for the development category where a writer, or writer/producer can apply. 
  • Applicants should have industry experience when applying for production and post- production of feature-length films (narrative & documentary). Short films applicants do not need to have industry experience.  
  • A producer or a production company to which she/ he is linked, can submit a maximum of two applications provided they are not for the same category. 
  • In production and post- production categories, the producer and the director must be two different individuals; but duality is allowed in the case of the writer/producer or writer/director. For all other categories the director and producer can be the same individual. 
  • Rejected projects are eligible to re-apply only when they are invited by the jury to do so or significant changes and developments were evident in the project. 
  • For projects applying for production category, principle photography should commence post the jury decision; JFF does not cover retroactive expenses. 

Non-Eligible Applications

  • JFF grantees (producers, directors and writers) with an Open Grant – either for the same or for a different project - cannot apply; this applies to all categories. 
  • JFF granted projects that were not materialized cannot re-apply; this applies to all categories.
  • Rejected submissions by the jury twice are not eligible to re-apply.
  • Applications belonging to any of the following categories: music videos, commercials, advertisements or experimental films.
  • Applications submitted by current jury members or their partners (or any other kind of legal relationship) or their first-degree relatives (parents, siblings and children).
  • Applications with misleading, dishonest or false information.
  • Applications not meeting the criteria, handwritten or incomplete.
  • Applications missing the deadline. 

Applications are open for all categories on 10th March 2020 until midnight on 18th April 2020 (Jordan time).

How Can I Apply?
Prior to filling the below Application Form, please read JFF Guidelines and Regulations for complete information on eligibility, application process and requirements, assessment and the manner in which funds are allotted. 

Application Forms:
Download the application form relevant to your project’s category and fill it in, sign and email it to: before the deadline.

For more information, call the JFF team at The Royal Film Commission- Jordan, Tel: +962 6 4613835 ext. 123 or Email the team at:

Grant recipients of the Jordan Film Fund 

First Cycle (2011)

Production of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • " May in the Summer" (Director: Cherien Dabis; Producer: Sabine Sidawi)
  • " Blessed Benefit" ( Director: Mahmoud Al Massad; Producer: Omar Al Massad)
  • " The Curve" ( Director: Rifqi Assaf; Producer: Rula Nasser)
  • " Eyes of a Thief" ( Director: Najwa Najjar; Producer: Hani Kort)
Production of Feature Documentary Project:
  • "Jabal Amman" (Director: Nadia Naffa; Producer: Qais Elias)
  • "Before You Were Born" (Director: Azza Al Hassan; Producer: Saad Darwazeh)
Development of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • "Desert Crossings" (Writer: Mohyeddine Quandour; Producer: Luba Balagova)
  • "Fahita" (Writer: Nasser Omar; Producer: Mona Darwazeh)
  • "Nostalgia" (Writer: Zaid Abu Hamdan; Producer: Hiba Musaed)
  • "Hide and Seek" (Writers: Shirin Kamal and Amjad Al Rasheed; Producer: Suha Najjar)
Development of Feature Documentary Project:
  • " Aisha" (Director and Producer: Asma Bseiso)
Post-Production of Feature Documentary Project:
  • "Uncle Nashaat" (Director: Aseel Mansour; Producer: Cindy le Templier)
Production of Short Narrative Projects:
  • "The Sri Lankan" (Director: Deema Dabis; Producer: Carla Dabis)
  • "Ismail" (Director: Nora Al Sharif; Producer: Abdel Salam Akkad)
  • "Someone" (Director: Hiba Judeh; Producer: Rawan Babia)

Second Cycle (2012)

Cinematic projects and grant recipients of the Jordan Film Fund 

Production of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • "The Kidnap" (Director: Dima Hamdan; Producer: Pascal Due)
  • "Saddam Live Long" (Director: Katya Jarjoura; Producer: Khalid Haddad)
  • " 3000 Night" (Director: Mai Masri; Producer: Rami Yassin)
Production of Feature Documentary Projects:
  • "I am Here" (Director: Fesne Oreikohovitch; Producer: Tayseer Masharqa)
  • "Borhan" (Director: Mahmoud Al Massad; Producer: Omar Al Massad)
Development of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • "Solid Water" (Writer: Bashar Abbas; Producer: Ahmad Aqeel)
  • "200 Meter" (Writer: Ameen Nayfeh; Producer: Lama Abu Hassan)
  • "Collaborator of Bethlehem" (Writer: Linda Mutawi; Producer: Hani Nuaimi)
  • "Me & Murdoch" (Writer: Yahya Abdallah; Producer: Rula Nasser)
  • "Bed Matress Story" (Writer: Tayseer Masharqa)
Development of Feature Documentary Projects:
  • "The Shortcut" (Director: Baha' Hussein;  Producer: Dalia Nimer)
  • "Occupy Culture" (Director: Linda Mutawi; Producer: Linda Mutawi)
  • "A Doctor Who Shall Remained Unnamed" (Director: Dalia Koury, Producer: Nadine Kirresh)
Production of Short Narrative Projects:
  • "The Wheel" (Director: Said Zagha; Producer: Ahmad Khatib)
  • "Jordanian Spinster"(Director: Hanady Elayyan, Producer: Layla Abbas)
  • "Report- Hashtag"(Director: Mervat Aksoy, Producer: Mohammad Khairy)
  • "The Kidnapping" (Director: Rakan Mayasi; Producer: Fahdeh Bandar)
  • " Al Yasmeen" (Director: Sahem Muhaisen; Producer: Mais Suliman)
  • " Virgin of Ignorance Era" (Director: Medyan Saafin; Producer: Tayseer Masharqa)

Third Cycle (2018)

Cinematic and Television projects granted the Jordan Film Fund 

Production of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • “Daughters of Adbulrahman” (Director: Zaid Abu Hamdan; Producer: Saba Mubarak)
  • “A Dog’s Tail” (Director: Rami Yasin; Producer: Linda Mutawi)
  • “The Alleys” (Director: Bassel Ghandour; Producer: Rula Nasser)
  • “Another Day in Baghdad” (Director: Maysoon Pachachi; Producer: Jamal Al Adwan)
Production of Feature Documentary Projects:
  • “Trapped in the Wild”  (Director: Christian Abi Abboud; Producer: Khaled Haddad)
  • Post-Production of Feature Documentary Projects:
  • “Tiny Souls” (Director: Dina Naser; Producer: Dina Naser and Palmyre Badinier)
Development of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • “The Camp Beauty Queen” (Writer: Hanadi Elyan)
  • “Amnesia” (Writer: Dima Hamdan)
  • “The Common Land” (Writers: Firas Taybeh and Alexia de Tillesse)
  • “My Corpse & I” (Writer: Aseel Mansour)
Development of Feature Documentary Project:
  • “Quiet Waters are Deep” (Writer/ Director: Hind Dabbagh)
Production of Short Narrative Projects:
  • “Give Up The Ghost” (Director: Zain El Duraie; Producer: Alaa AlAsad)
  • “From the Mountain” (Director: Faisal Attrache; Producer: Deema Dabis)
Development of Television Series:
  • “Lizard’s Tale" (Writers: Thouraya Hamda and Emad Mohtaseb; Producer: Jude Kawwa)
  • “On Set" (Writer: Jana Zeinddine; Producer: Mais Salman and Michel Ma’ayeh)

Fourth Cycle (2019)

Cinematic and Television projects granted the Jordan Film Fund 

Production of Feature Narrative Projects:

  • “Farha” (Director: Darin Sallam; Producer: Deema Azar and Aya Jredaneh)
  • “It's A Boy” (Director: Amjad Al Rasheed; Producer: Aseel Abu Ayyash)
  • “Papion On The Water Tank” (Director: Yahya Alabdallah; Producer: Huda Al-Kadhimi)
Post-Production of Feature Narrative Projects:
  • “Salma's Home” (Director: Hanadi Elyan; Producer: Nathan Bennett)
Development of Feature Narrative Projects:“
  • The Station” (Writer: Sara Ishaq & Nadia Eliewat; Producer: Nadia Eliewat)
  • “To Him, We Return” (Writer: Ahmad Alyaseer & Rana Alyaseer)
  • “She Who Lives” (Writers: Batoul Ibrahim; Producer: Aysha El-Shamayleh)
Development of Feature Documentary Project:
  • “Caesar” (Writer/ Director: Widad Shafakoj; Producer: Zeid Fanous)
  • “We Carve Words in the Earth” (Writer/ Director: Mahasen Nasser-Eldin; Producer: Sami Said Shana’ah)
Production of Short Narrative Projects:
  • “Hajez” (Director: Omar Rammal; Producer: Leen Awad)
  • “Rubber Washer” (Director: Hadi Shatat; Producer: Luma Al-Hamarneh & Omar Abu Shanab)
  •  “Truce” (Director: Saleh Al khataybeh; Producer: Sa’ed Arouri)
  • “Cadence of the Valley” (Director: Rama Obeid; Producer: Ibrahim Yacoub)
  • “Arnoos” (Director: Samer Battikhi; Producer: Aya Wuhoush)
  • “Hemingway” (Director: Ghaith Al-Adwan; Producer: Sleiman Tadros & Amer Halasa)
  • “The Way Home” (Director: Layan Nairoukh & Noor Hanania; Producer: Maya Talhouni)
  • “Tala’vision” (Director: Murad Abu Eisheh; Producer: Jude Kawwa)
  • “Teita’s Last Wish” (Director: Areeb Zuaiter; Producer: Rema Saoub)
  • “Sudoku” (Director: George-Nicholas Al Khouri; Producer: Ghassan Salti)
  • “Azrar- Animation” (Director: Ahmad Jaber; Producer: Mohamed al Rugab)
  • “Geisha L.O.V.E.- Animation” (Director: Mike V. Derderian; Producer: Nadine Toukan)
  • “The Forgiveness- Documentary” (Director: Hamza Hamideh; Producer: Ismail Abu Wardeh)
Development of Television Series:
  • “Al-Marsoud" (Writers: Rifqi Assaf and Salah Qasrawi)
  • “Forgotten Princesses" (Writer: Jamal Bakeer)