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Med Film Factory is a training program aimed at semi-professional Arab film directors and producers, offering them the opportunity to advance their creative and professional skills and supporting them in the realization of their projects.

It also aims at creating collective connections within the Arab regional film industry, in particular to encourage regional support, involvement and financing of independent creative voices and films through all the stages of film making. This will eventually help sustain the overall Mediterranean film industry.


  • The call for applications for the cycle is still not open.
  • Eligible to apply are Arab producers and directors residing in the Middle East, North Africa, Iraq and the Gulf. Four teams will be selected (two teams from Jordan and two teams from the Arab world) to participate in this year’s cycle.
  • Applications must be submitted by a Team of director and producer only, single applicants are not eligible.
  • It is not eligible to apply as a director/producer.
  • Directors may be screenwriter/directors or involved in writing the project.
  • The submitted application must be the applicants’ first or second feature narrative film project.
  • Teams must submit a complete feature narrative screenplay in English.
  • Arabic or French scripts will be considered for initial application, but an English translation should be provided by the applicant when requested by Med Film Factory team.
  • Clearances for all script rights are a prerequisite.

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For more information, please check FAQ page.

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