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An Advisory Committee of writers, scholars and film professionals work with the Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab team throughout the selection process. The primary short listing is based on script merits: story, originality, writing style, and individual voices, etc. Where applicable, we look very closely at the directing work of the writer.  

The 13th round of Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab took place from July 7th to July 11th, 2017 at Montreal Hotel in Shobak. The 2018 edition will take place between July 15th and July 21st, 2018, at a venue to be announced later.  

Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab is one of the programs of the Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC), and all expenses including participants’ travel and accommodation are covered by the RFC.  

Creative Advisors are experienced screenwriters and sometimes writers/ directors. Each year, we invite six to ten Creative Advisors from different parts of the world. We announce participating Advisors nearer to the time of the Lab. For more information on Creative Advisors from earlier rounds please look up: Mentors & Participants.  

Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab was modeled around the Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab and differs only in that it focuses solely on Arab screenwriters.  

The Lab is intended to support the screenwriters creatively, and the focus of the lab is specifically on screenwriting, not production or the business aspect of filmmaking. However the Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab team is available to support all Alumni on an advisory basis throughout their creative process, providing an ongoing resource for introduction, advice, recommendations, etc.  

Participants are required to acknowledge and credit the program in the following form: “The script (or film project) was developed with the assistance of Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab, a project of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan”.