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Regional Training

Rawi Screenwriters' Lab

In 2005 the Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) launched Rawi Screenwriters' Lab (storyteller in Arabic), a screenplay development lab, in consultation with the Sundance Institute. Independent Arab screenwriters (fellows) are offered the chance to develop their work in a uniquely creative environment under the guidance of internationally acclaimed screenwriters from all over the world (creative advisers).

Med Film Factory

Med Film Factory is a training program aimed at semi-professional Arab film directors and producers, offering them the opportunity to advance their creative and professional skills and supporting them in the realization of their projects. It also aims at creating collective connections within the Arab regional film industry, in particular to encourage regional support, involvement and financing of independent creative voices and films through all the stages of filmmaking. This will eventually help sustain the overall Mediterranean film industry.

Film Prize - Project Market Amman

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan started in 2012 a partnership with the German foundation the Robert Bosch Stiftung with the aim of supporting collaboration between young filmmakers from Jordan and the Arab world on one hand, and those from Germany on the other.

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Anthology Film: Women in the Maghreb-Mashreq Region

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) in cooperation with The United Nations, Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and with the support of the European Union, is launching a new project “Anthology Film: Women in the Maghreb-Mashreq Region”