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This section is dedicated to Rawi Alumni whose films have made it to the big screen.

The Lab has supported over 100 Arab screenwriters over the years, and the Rawi team is always proud to see those emerging filmmakers realize their film projects. Many of these films have toured regional and international film festivals earning prestigious awards, with some making it all the way to the Oscars, Venice and Toronto film festivals.

Completed projects by Rawi Alumni that were developed with the assistance of the Lab include: 

1. 1982 (IMDb) – Lebanon 
by Oualid Mouaness - Writer/Director 

2. 3000 Nights (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan/Palestine 
by Mai Masri – Writer/Director

3. A Son (IMDb)– Tunisia 
by Mehdi Barsaoui - Writer/Director

4. Amreeka (Trailer, IMDb)– Jordan/Palestine 
by Cherien Dabis - Writer/Director

5. Detroit Unleaded (Trailer, IMDb) - Lebanon
by Rola Nashef - Writer/Director

6. I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced (Trailer, IMDb) – Yemen 
by Khadija Al-Salami - Writer/Director

7. My Brother the Devil (Trailer, IMDb) – Egypt 
by Sally El Hosaini – Writer/Director 

8. Pomegranates and Myrrh (Trailer, IMDb)– Jordan/Palestine 
by Najwa Najjar - Writer/Director

9. Son of Babylon (Trailer, IMDb) – Iraq 
by Mohamed Al Daradji – Writer/Director 

10. The Fifth String (Trailer, IMDb) – Morocco 
by Selma Bargach  - Writer/Director

11. Tramontane (Trailer, IMDb) – Lebanon 
by Vatche Boulghourijian  - Writer/Director

12. Until The End of Time (Trailer, IMDb)– Algeria 
 by Yasmine Chouikh – Writer/Director

13. Wadjda (Trailer, IMDb) – KSA 
by Haifaa Al-Mansour - Writer/Director

14. You Will Die at Twenty (Trailer, IMDb)– Sudan 
 by Yousef Ibrahim – Writer

A number of Rawi Alumni have also gone on to complete film projects after their participation in the Lab, different than the projects they worked on during Rawi.

We are also proud to highlight their successes as Rawi aims at equipping its fellows with the creative tools and skills they can benefit from whoever they are working on a screenplay. Such skills are never limited to one project as they stay with a screenwriter for a lifetime.   
Below is a list of projects completed by Rawi Alumni after their participation at the Lab:

1. Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim (Trailer, IMDb) – Egypt 
by Sherif Bendari – Director 

2. Coming Forth by Day (Trailer, IMDb) – Egypt
Hala Lotfy - Writer/Director 

3. Dry Hot Summers (Trailer, IMDb) – Egypt 
by Sherif Bendari – Director 

4. Eyes of a Thief (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan 
by Najwa Najjar – Writer/Director

5. Gunshot (Trailer, IMDb) – Egypt 
by Haitham Dabbour – Writer 

6. In My Mother's Arms (Trailer, IMDb) – Iraq 
by Mohamed Al-Daradji - Co-Writer/Co-Director

7. In the Sands of Babylon (Trailer, IMDb) – Iraq 
by Mohamed Al-Daradji - Writer/Director

8. Line of Sight (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan 
by Aseel Mansour - Writer/Director

9. May in the Summer (Trailer, IMDb) – Palestine
by Cherien Dabis - Writer/Director

10. Solitaire (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan 
by Nadia Eleiwat –  Co- Writer 

11. The Journey (Trailer, IMDb) – Iraq 
by Mohamed Al-Daradji - Writer/Director

12. The Last Friday (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan
Yahya Al-Abdallah - Writer/Director

13. Theeb (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan 
Naji Abu Nowar - Co-Writer/Director 
& Bassel Ghandour - Co-Writer 

14. Transit Cities (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan
Mohammad Hushki - Co-Writer/Director

15. Uncle Nashaat (Trailer, IMDb) – Jordan 
Aseel Mansour – Director