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Tax Incentive

Program Overview

By virtue of the Cabinet Resolution Number 5437, dated 10 September 2014, the Royal Film Commission was granted the right to exempt eligible productions from certain taxes and fees. These exemptions include:

1. Sales tax exemptions for any products and/or services purchased within the Kingdom for the purposes of the production.
2. Customs taxes and duties exemptions for any equipment and/or materials imported into the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production.
3. Taxes on salaries and fees for any non-Jordanian cast and crew members employed by the production.


The project must go into pre-production within 90 days from the date of approving the application. After the period of 90 days, the exemption shall be considered invalid and the production must reapply.

The production must agree to have a ‘Filmed in Jordan” credit and The Royal Film Commission logo in the final production rolling credits.

Productions must provide the following information for eligibility status:

1- Budget
2- Expenses in Jordan
3- List of Jordanian Crew
4- List of Jordanian Cast
5- List of Jordanian Heads of Department
6- List of Jordanian Trainees
7- Salaries of Jordanian Crew
8- Number of filming Days
9- Script with a focus on references to Jordan
10- Extent of cooperation with Jordanian authorities.
11- Accommodation (in three-star hotels or more)
12- Per diem of foreign crew

How to Apply

Any production wishing to benefit from the exemption has to contact the Royal Film Commission- Jordan.
The applicant must provide all the documents required with the form.
The Royal Film Commission will revert within a period of 12 working days.
If the project qualifies, the production will be granted the exemption letter for use within 90 days.