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Ismailia Film Days in Amman

Date of Event: 10-February-2020 - 12-February-2020

Time of Event: 19:00

Location of Event: Rainbow Theater – Jabal Amman

The Royal Film Commission - Jordan

in cooperation with

the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries & Shorts

invites you to attend the 6th edition of

“Ismailia Film Days in Amman”

Screenings are followed by a discussion with

Film critic

Rami Metwaly

from Monday 10th until Wednesday 12th of February 2020

at 7:00 PM

Rainbow Theater- Jabal Amman

Public invitation. Free entry

Monday 10 February

7:00 PM

100 Years Running

Domenico G.S. Parrino, 17 min, Short Documentary, in Italian with English subtitles, Italy, 2017

This is the story of Giuseppe Ottaviani; a 100-year-old-athlete. Step by step, when he was 70 he discovered that he could show his philosophy through athletics as his personal answer about the meaning of life, which finds confirmation in the eternal cyclical nature.


Where Did Ramses Go?

Amr Bayoumi, 62 min, Feature Documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2019

It is not a question about the destiny of a statue as much as it is a display of the Egyptian socio-political situation in the second half of the 20th century, in which the fate of a granite statue crosses with the lives and destinies of people.

The movie was awarded Best Film at the Feature Documentary Competition at Ismailia International Film Festival.

Tuesday 11 February

7:00 PM

A Collection of Short Films


Begim Zholdubai, 20 min, Short Documentary, in Kyrgyz with English subtitles, Kyrgyzstan, 2018

This documentary depicts a life full of difficulties between the mountains of Ydyrys Osmonov.

Ydyrys lives with his wife in these mountains, where we see their struggles with the extremely cold weather and the obstacles that have become a part of their lives.

The film has won Best Film at the Short Documentary Competition at Ismailia Film Festival.


The White Hell

Directed by Ahmed Assem, Mahmoud Khaled & Omar Shash, 14 min, Short Documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2018

This could be one of the most dangerous and deadly workplaces in Egypt. Hazards include the stone-cutters and drivers speeding through clouds of white dust which infiltrates the lungs, turning normal tissue into fibrosis, thereby reducing the workers breathing capacity. There are about 35,000 workers suffering from severe working conditions, all for a very small amount not exceeding 50 Pounds per day, which equals almost 4 Dollars.

The film has received the Jury Prize at the Short Documentary Competition at Ismailia Film Festival.



Grégoire Verbeke, 14 min, Short Documentary, in Albanian with English subtitles, Belgium, 2018

Springtime in northern Albania sparks the herding of goats from the lowlands up to the towering mountainsides. Prek Gjoni is moving his livestock with the help of Jovalin. Will worn out shoes and an umbrella suffice for the four-day walk?


The Castle

Tadeusz Kabicz, 22 min, Short Documentary, In Polish with English subtitles, Poland, 2018

Six personalities, six professions and six amazing passions. They all meet together in the magical Royal Castle, where the main characters work. The film observes as they carry out their duties, and follows their fascinating hobbies with a great dose of humor, empathy and absurdity.



Michael Frei, 9 min, Short Animation, in English, Switzerland, 2019

The film explores group dynamics posing the question: How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?

“Kids” has received Best Film Award at the Narrative and Animation Film Competition at Ismailia Film Festival.



Diomedes Heras, 9 min, Short Animation, In Spanish with English subtitles, Mexico, 2017

Gina is a little girl who was born with a chicken’s suit. She dreams of dancing the “son jarocho” dance, but her suit is an obstacle. With her mom’s, the two will do their best to make the dream come true.

Wednesday 12 February

7:00 PM

A Collection of Short Films

The Boy Who Wanted to Fly

Jorge Muriel, 20 min, Short Fiction, In Spanish with English subtitles, Spain, 2018

In Madrid in the 80’s: Ivan, a five-year-old boy, is confronted with the birth of a new brother. His sister is dad´s favorite, the newborn is mom’s favorite. Which place does he take in this new situation? What if he could fly and escape?



Ángeles Cruz, 19 min, Short Narrative, In Spanish with English subtitles, Mexico, 2018

Arcángel is a fifty-year-old peasant facing accelerating vision loss. Before total darkness overtakes him, he needs to find a nursing home for Patrocinia, an elderly woman from his community that is totally dependent on him.


In Dance. Italy: Renaissance

Anji Taratuta, 28 min, Short Narrative, In Russian and Italian with English subtitles, Russia, 2018

This film’s protagonist is lost and largely disappointed. He finds himself in Italy, where dance is a strong self-sufficient form of art. Step by step, it brings him back to life.


Fish Monologue

Suborna Senjutee Tushee, 28 min, Short Narrative, in Hindi/Bengali & Marathi with English subtitles, India, 2018

A Bengali couple migrates from a remote village of West Bengal to Pune city, to work at a garments factory and struggle to meet the ends while expecting a child.
The film delves in to the psychological changes of them in the realm of urban alienation in absence of their own family and culture, while becoming a mother and father for the first time.


Pick Me Up

Layal Akiki, 15 min, Short Narrative, in Arabic, Lebanon, 2018

Sally, in her early twenties and part of the production team in a shoot, has to take on her friend's tasks, with an important competition and a deadline looming over her head. The only one helping her is Ghazi, the pick-up truck driver.


The Final Show

Mohamed Salehi, 5 min, Short Animation, No Dialogue, Egypt, 2018

A Conflict between the past and the present, facing the difficulties of life and its calamities, and overcoming them despite their strength.


The Incomplete

Erfan Parsapour, 7 min, Short Animation, No Dialogue, Iran, 2018

The film tells the story of a hungry Otter, but a perfectionist and obsessive one, who wants everything complete in a perfect world. A world that has countless favorable chances to take.


Tango of Longing

Marta Szymańska, 5 min, Short Animation, In Polish with English subtitles, Poland, 2018

Tango is so much more than just desire -it can reveal our most intimate stories, innermost longings and needs, our secrets. Is it possible to find satisfaction and relief in this dance of constant longing?

The film has won the Jury Prize at the Fiction and Animation Competition at Ismailia Film Festival.