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Screening a collection of Short Jordanian Films

Date of Event: 10-February-2021 -

Time of Event: 19:00

Location of Event: Online

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan is pleased to invite you to watch a collection of

Short Jordanian Films

Supported by the Jordan Film Fund

On Wednesday 10th of February 2021 at 7 PM (Local Time)

The link to watch the films will be shared on our social media platforms

Followed by a virtual discussion with the directors


Ahmad Jaber, Animation, No dialogue, 10 minutes, Jordan, 2020

Azrar is a story of innocence, child’s wonder, and loss, about how a small symbol becomes the light at the end of a dark tunnel, no matter how bad it may seem there will always be hope.



Omar Rammal, Fiction, Arabic English subtitles, 14 minutes, Jordan, 2020

After a Palestinian family gets ready to go to the theme park on the second day of Eid, an Israeli checkpoint stops them from entering. Many people are waiting at the checkpoint until it becomes an entertaining park. The situation comes to an end in a touching way; the film is based on true events.


Rubber Washer

Hadi Shatat, Fiction, Arabic with English subtitles, 11 minutes, Jordan, 2019

Jamal is in his thirties, living a life of misery and routine. One night, while Jamal is trying to sleep, he starts hearing water droplets. He discovers that the kitchen faucet needs a new rubber washer. At first, Jamal believes he is the only one with this problem, only to find that all the shops have run out of rubber washers, and all the people in the city are lining up to get their hands on the last pieces available.

The film was competing at Amman international Film Festival - Awal Film in 2020.


Cadence of the Valley

Rama Ayasra, Fiction, Arabic with English subtitles, 19 minutes, Jordan, 2020

Dawood returns home with several misconceptions regarding his society after years of studying in Germany. Ever since he was a child, he learned to make and play the Ney. While collecting cane with his father in Jordan valley, he meets a mystic shepherdess who plays the Ney for her flock. After spending the day together, Dawood finds himself debating with her about a famous myth known in the area.

It was screened in many film festivals. It has received the Best Picture Short & Best Foreign Short at the Accord Cine Fest, the Best Student Film at Tagore International Film Festival, Best Picture Short & Best Actress at Istanbul Film Awards, Best Picture Short at L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival, Best Student Film at New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA) and Best Student Film Venice Intercultural Film Festival.