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Screening of the Austrian Short Films

Date of Event: 14-June-2023 - 14-June-2023

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: At The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater) – First Circle – Jabal Amman

Austrian Film Days 

From Monday 12 until Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 8 PM
at The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater) – First Circle – Jabal Amman\

Free Entry
Organized by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, 
in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy in Amman 

Sunday 12 June 2023
At 8 PM

The Farmer and The Hipster

Kurt Langbein, 97 minutes, documentary, German with English subtitles, 2022, Austria. 

The farmer Christian Bachler takes up arms on Facebook against the eloquent journalist and Falter editor-in-chief Florian Klenk. Bachler calls him an "arrogant bobo-in-chief". He accuses the bobo (an Austrian slang word for a Viennese bouji hipster) of ignoring the situation of farmers: "Get off your bobo steed and come for a practical training". 250,000 people watch the video. Klenk comes and gets to know Bachler's world: an alternative farm in the Styrian mountains with cows, alpine pigs, yaks, geese and chicken, a kind of alpine Bullerbü. Klenk learns that a bank wants to auction off the farm... A modern fairy tale.

The film won the German Environmental and Sustainability Film Award at the Nature Vision Film Festival 2022.


Tuesday 13 June 2023
At 8 PM


Magdalena Lauritsch, 110 minutes, Sci-Fi/Drama, English and German with English subtitles, 2022, Austria. 

An earth disaster is unfolding. The crew of the space station Rubikon - Hannah, Gavin and Dimitri - must decide between risking their lives to get home and search for survivors or staying safe in the station’s sophisticated algae symbiosis system, which makes them completely self-sufficient.

The film won Best Production at Film Festival Kitzbuehel in 2022 and was nominated for several more awards at different film festivals.


Wednesday 14 June 2023
Austrian Short Films

At 8 PM


Fatih Gürsoy, 45 minutes, Drama, German with English subtitles, 2022, Austria. 

Four refugees are invited to a costume party. But the party turns out to be a flop and they roam the city in their costumes. Neverinland depicts the quest for a new homeland and the desire to belong to the society again.

The film won the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Award
for Best Screenplay - Short or Medium-length films, at the Diagonale Film Festival in Austria, 2022. It also won the First Steps Award for Best Medium Length Film at the First Steps Awards in Germany, 2021. It was nominated for several more awards.

Look for The Silver Lining
Maximilian Conway, 27 minutes, Drama, German with English subtitles, 2020, Germany.  


A former jazz singer loses her job at a supermarket and faces eviction. She starts working at a late-night store and ends up in an affair with the eviction officer. He
is infatuated with her singing and keeps reminding her not to give up hope. However, when duty calls, his infatuation quickly disappears. An adaptation of Ödön von Horváth's play “Faith Love Hope”.

The film participated in the Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film.


We Deliver A Smile

Magdalena Lauritsch, 19 minutes, Drama/Comedy, German with English subtitles, 2020, Austria. 

Black delivery man Karim meets Brigitte on one of his delivery jobs. She seems to enjoy her power as a
customer and abuses it as much as she can. To keep his job, Karim is forced to endure her treacherous
power games. When Brigitte’s mother appears, clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the situation descends into total chaos.

The film won the Best Austrian Film Award and the Audience Award at the Shortynale Film Festival.