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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | Film & Television Careers Connection (FTCC)


Film & Television Careers Connection (FTCC) 3rd Edition
September 22nd24th, 2017
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan
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The Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) is pleased to announce the third Film & Television Careers Connection (FTCC) from Friday September 22nd until Sunday September 24th, 2017 at the RFC’s Film House located in Jebel Amman, Jordan.

This three-day event – tailored around careers and jobs in the audiovisual industry – aims to bring together organizations, companies, freelancers and film students to network, thus enhancing efforts in the domain of film and TV employment. It also seeks to raise awareness of the filmmaking business that has generated around 150 million JOD and created over 5000 jobs in Jordan in the past 10 years.


Jordan has grown massively in the past years on the film production map, thanks to its booming film industry, quality of production services and availability of local skills and talents. The FTCC brings together many key players in the audiovisual sector from the region and internationally to network and connect directly with film professionals and those who wish to pursue a career in cinema or TV or explore concrete job opportunities, and allow a chance for private companies from different sectors to participate and be part of the uprising film industry by offering exhibition space and networking opportunities.

During the 1st  FTCC in 2015, some thousand  visitors – film professionals and students - participated in more than 25 panels, seminars, workshops, and networking events, such as a Protools session conducted by AVID, MOVIE MAGIC scheduling and budgeting seminar.

Over a thousand people visited the 2nd FTCC in 2016 - filmmakers, students and professionals - and attended some 25 seminars, discussions and workshops conducted by representatives of major Hollywood studios attracted a large audience. Attendees were given the opportunity to network within the filmmaking industry locally, regionally, and internationally.

This year, at the 3rd FTCC, new seminars, events and workshops will also be organized and
representatives of major American and production companies - such as HBO, Netflix, Weinstein, and Warner Brothers – will be present.


1- Choose your booth
All booths include the printing of your own designs. (Deadline for submitting the design is on the 1st of September 2017)
Check offers in this flyer.
 2- Fill in the attached form and send it to: 


Panels, seminars, exhibition area, a speed dating networking event for film professionals and companies, a pitching event and many other sessions will be organized during the FTCC, all of them tackling employment in the sector, and career-related issues. Moreover, training workshops in filmmaking will be organized on the sidelines of FTCC, a panel for Hollywood studios and production companies, in addition to key regional and local companies and organizations.


All booth rentals include the printing of your banner according to your own design, electricity and Wi-Fi connection, a table and two chairs.

Prices differ based on booth size and location as follows:
1. Grand Booth:
Grand front or grand terrace booths are close to the entrance with great visibility and exposure.
Front: 1.5m x 2m 
Terrace: 2m x 2m 
Price: 350 JOD

2. Double Grand Booth:
Grand front or grand terrace booths are close to the entrance with great visibility and exposure.
Front: 1.5m x 4m 
Terrace: 2m x 4m 
Price: 600 JOD

3. Standard Booth:
2m x 1.5 m at the exhibition area
Price: 250 JOD

4. Double Standard Booth: 
1.5m x 4m booth at the exhibition area.
Price: 400 JOD

* If you book more than one booth, or one of the special booths (check map), you can get reduced prices and special offers by contacting: 
For more information, please contact: +9626 4642266
Or visit the RFC’s website: or follow us on the RFC’s page on Facebook.

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