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The Jury of the "We Are Jerusalem" short film competition gathered on the 27th of February to discuss and review the films submitted. The Royal Film Commission – Jordan had launched competition on the 21st December, following the crisis around Jerusalem. The films are meant to illustrate the strength of Jerusalem’s culture, with original content that can pass a universal message.

The Jury - composed of the Jordanian actress and producer Saba Mubarak, the Algerian director and producer Salem Brahimi and the Jordanian lawyer and social activist Saed Karajah - issued the following statement:

“In light of the importance of the subject and because the Jury members unanimously felt that awarding a particular film would not be fair at this stage, while recognizing the fact that some films held promise, the Jury decided to extend the deadline of submission to 16th April 2018 in order to:

- Allow the filmmakers who have already submitted a film to review their work and modify them if they so desire OR to submit another film, as per the regulations below.

- Allow other filmmakers to enter the competition, as per the regulations below.

Indeed, the Jury members all felt that the films submitted deserved more time and effort in order for them to address the theme "We Are Jerusalem" adequately and/or to deliver the promise they held. For this reason, it seemed that the fair decision was to allow these film-makers to either review and refine their works or submit another work.

For the filmmakers who did not have the time to submit, the Jury felt it was also more equitable to offer them opportunity to join the competition too, as they would have benefited of the current extension had they submitted.

This decision was taken out of fairness to all filmmakers: both those who submitted their films and others.

The Jury thanks all filmmakers who have submitted their works for their contributions and encourages them to pursue their efforts. The Jury would also like to encourage filmmakers to address the theme "We are Jerusalem" boldly, creatively both in form and in substance, and hopes that this new deadline will allow the filmmakers to offer the unique and powerful films such an important theme deserves. 

All members of the Jury very much look forward to discovering the reviewed films and new films.”

For more information, please call the Royal Film Commission: T. +962 6 4642266 ext. 23 or ext. 15; or write to: