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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | The role and objectives of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan


The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) is a national non-for-profit institution, established by virtue of the law No 22 for the year 2008 (, to fulfil the following objectives as stipulated in article 5:  

a-       To promote the Kingdom as an investment attraction center for implementation of production projects.

b-       To create an investment environment for developing and upgrading motion picture, TV, radio, advertisement industry and all activities associated with production projects.

c-       To support the activities, efforts and programs that aim to develop and promote production projects, in particular as a pioneering export industry.

As such, the RFC is not a regulatory body in the media industry in Jordan and hence does not have the mandate to approve scripts nor the final production.

Any production activity in Jordan falls under the jurisdiction of the Jordanian laws.