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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | “10 Days before the Wedding” Wins the Audience Award at AFFA 2019


The Yemeni film “10 Days before the Wedding” written and directed by Amr Jamal won the Audience award at the Arab Film Festival – Amman. The Festival ended on Friday 31st August 2019 with the Lebanese film “Still Burning” at the Royal Film Commission – Jordan.

An impressive audience attended “10 Days before the Wedding” and was moved by the simple story of a young couple facing huge obstacles right before their wedding. Viewers were fascinated by the young director, who explained the difficulties he faced while shooting his first feature-length movie in the southern city of Aden, with a very limited budget, yet with a dedicated cast and crew.

Ten recent and carefully selected Arab productions, narratives and documentaries, were screened during the five-day festival. They tackled crucial topics of interest to the public in the region, such as the issue of detention in the Palestinian film “Screwdriver”, the fate of the missing people in the experimental documentary “Erased, Ascent of the Invisible”, or the story of the soldier “Akasha” in the Sudanese movie.

Diversity, originality and creativity characterised this ninth edition, as well as the use of different cinematic language in the Egyptian narrative “Gunshot”, the Tunisian “Fatwa”, the Algerian documentary “Of Sheep and Men”, the Moroccan fantasy “Catharsys or the Afina Tales of the Lost World” and the Saudi “Zero Distance”.  Intense and rich discussions followed most of the screenings in the presence of the directors.

At the opening ceremony, on the 25th of August, the festival honored the journalist and film critique Najeh Hasan and the actress Rakin Saad for their remarkable contribution to the cultural and cinematic scene locally and regionally.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab Film Festival – Amman screened 10 films from nine Arab countries at the Rainbow theater and the RFC in the presence of the Palestinian director Bassam Jarbawi, the Egyptian Karim el Shenawy, the Yemeni Amr Gamal, the Saudi Abdulaziz Alshlahei and the Lebanese Georges Hachem (Still Burning). It was attended by some 2500 people. 

For more information, please call: Royal Film Commission, ’Marian Nakho, tel: 06-4642266/ Ext: 23