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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | Seven Narrative Projects at Rawi Screenwriters Lab


 Seven Narrative Projects at Rawi Screenwriters Lab
Amman, 8th September 2019

Yesterday marked the wrap-up for the 15th round of Rawi Screenwriters Lab. Arab screenplay writers (Rawi Fellows), along with their remarkable feature-length screenplays, made their way to the old and enchanting town of Shobak, where the atmosphere can’t be more inspiring and motivating. The Lab hosted seven established award-winning screenwriters (Creative Advisors) who arrived to Jordan eager to advise the selected Arab screenwriters.

The serenity of the area along with the stirring significance of the location make this goal more reachable. The Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) organized for those Fellows and Advisors to work together intensively for five days from September 2nd until September 6th, and arranged for them to visit the bewitching city of Petra after the lab’s activities concluded.

The Rawi team ensured an ambiance strictly dedicated to screenplay writing at Montreal Hotel - owned by Jordan Heritage Revival Company in Shobak – which generously hosted the 15th edition of Rawi Screenwriters Lab.

Commenting on this year’s Lab, Princess Rym Ali, Member of the RFC’s Board of Commissioners, said: "The scripts that will be developed here are all fictional stories. Nonetheless, they seem to represent, each in its own manner, how societies across our region face and try to overcome the challenges that politics, the economy and a deep-set culture of norms and values throw at them.”

Mohannad Al-Bakri, Managing Director of the RFC, emphasized the importance of the Lab describing it as a hub for Arab storytellers as he commented: “We believe in the power of the story. It all starts with a story and ends with a story. And there are so many examples of successful films in the Arab world, produced with very modest budgets, but that have been internationally acknowledged thanks to their storyline.”

The Creative Advisors for this year included Bernd Lichtenberg (Germany), Georges Hachem (Lebanon), James Jermanok (United States), Margaret Glover (United Kingdom), Nadia Eliewat (Jordan), Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan) and Pedro Peirano (Chile).

Naji Abu Nowar, co-writer and director of the Oscar-nominated Jordanian film “Theeb”, commented on his participation in the Lab saying “Rawi Screenwriters Lab is the most important initiative for developing cinematic talent in the MENA/Gulf region. When I attended as a fellow in the first lab of 2005 it changed my life. Now I volunteer as an advisor to help future generations. Thank you to Rawi for allowing me to participate in such an incredible experience.”

Selected projects and fellows for this year’s edition of Rawi are: “40 Years and One Night” by Bashayer Abdulaziz Alsomali and Mohammed Alholayyil (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), “Abu Bassam” by Mohammad (Mike) Elsherif (Palestine), “Bulletproof” by Chamoun Issa (Lebanon), “Five Thieves” by Karim Ariqat and Mohammad Al-Nablsea (Jordan), “I Am Here but You Can’t See Me” by Feyrouz Serhal (Lebanon), “Lanslide” by May Al-Ghouti (Jordan) and “Madness” by Hicham Amal (Morocco).

Ever since its initiation in 2005, Rawi Screenwriters Lab has supported some of the most important new voices in Middle Eastern cinema. For its first 11 years, the lab was run in collaboration with Sundance Institute and is modeled on the Institute’s esteemed Screenwriters Lab. Over the years, the Lab has matured to the extent that it is now able to fly on its own. Currently, Rawi is autonomously managed by the Royal Film Commission – Jordan. 

The RFC team has already begun planning for the 16th Rawi Screenwriters Lab as the Call for Applications for the upcoming round will be open on December 1st, 2019.