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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | The Award of the Film Competition “One Meter & Beyond” Goes to a Charitable Organization; And RFC’s Staff Donates a One-Day Wage


The Award of the Film Competition “One Meter & Beyond” Goes to a Charitable Organization; And RFC’s Staff Donates a One-Day Wage

Amman- 9th of April

The short film “Zaqoota”, directed by Raghad Tamimi, has won the first round of “One Meter & Beyond” short film competition, which the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) launched on 29th of March following confinement rules and restrictions on all movement and gatherings. The prize will go to support families particularly affected by the current health situation. The RFC announced also that the Commission’s employees donated one day’s wage to a charity providing food to persons in need.

“One Meter & Beyond” - i.e. the minimum social distancing required between two people - gave filmmakers residing in Jordan the opportunity to submit short films linked to the current confinement. This online initiative incited participants to document their experience or share their thoughts and tell stories, all triggered by this exceptional period we are living in. The second round of the same competition will kick off this coming Sunday.

The winning film “Zaqoota” is a comic act about the urge to go outside during confinement, and the way the Coronavirus is playing with us, not knowing who might get infected.

The short film “Zaqoota” :

A total of 47 short films were submitted to the competition; 36 of which were eligible in accordance with the competition’s regulations. A selection committee shortlisted the best three films, which were posted on the RFC’s social media pages. The public had then the chance to vote for their favorite short film. The three shorts available for voting included: “Stay Home” by Mustafa Rasheed; “Zaqoota” by Raghad Tamimi; and “A Portrait of Limited Number of Sounds” by Nura Habjoka.

The award, worth 300 Jordanian dinars, will go in the name of the winner Raghad Tamimi to “Himmet Watan”, the newly established fund at the Central Bank, providing relief to those particularly affected by this health situation. Mohannad al-Bakri, RFC’s Managing Director, pointed out: “One major thing we are learning from this current difficult situation it is the need for solidarity. Films can play a role – albeit modestly – in this social movement. A similar award will be allocated for next week’s winner and presented in his/her name to another charitable entity offering help to those in need.”

In a related context, the Commission’s employees, who expressed interest, donated willingly a one day’s wage or more to Tikyet Um Ali, an NGO that provides food for the underprivileged. The donation is done in the name of the RFC’s staff, being members of an active institution that believes in social responsibility.

For more information about “One Meter & Beyond” short film competition, please visit the RFC’s website:

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