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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | Short Film Competition: “One Meter & Beyond”


Short Film Competition: “One Meter & Beyond”

While staying at home, we have plenty of time to ponder, think, imagine, fantasize and wonder. We are trying to make use of the available time, a “luxury” that we usually miss.

If you feel like sharing your experience or your thoughts or tell a story audio-visually, why not participate in the short film competition “One Meter & Beyond”; i.e. the social distancing currently required, at a time when we are much in need of closeness. We are living an exceptional period, worth documenting or relating what it triggers in us or inspires us.

Your short film can be either a documentary or narrative or animated or experimental or video art. It can be funny, sad, inspiring, sarcastic, serious or surreal… what matters is that it expresses this unique period of confinement and quarantine. Most importantly, don’t go out to shoot your film!

Note: If you have participated in the first edition of the competition, you can compete again but with a new film.

Rules & Regulations:

• The filmmaker must be Jordanian or resident in Jordan
• The film must be based on an original idea linked to the current confinement
• The film is to be shot in Jordan, and precisely indoors
• All film genres are accepted: documentary, narrative, experimental, animated, video art
• You can use footage from the internet, provided you have the right to use it
• You can use music provided you have the right to use it
• Duration of the film: minimum 1 minute, maximum 4 minutes
• Movie technical quality no less than 1920 x 1080 HD
• You can use a camera or a mobile phone
• You can edit your film, but it is not compulsory
• The film must be in English or Arabic
• No film that shows filming outdoors or gatherings is admitted
Submitting your film to the competition:
• You can upload your film on YouTube, while choosing the “Unlisted” option.
• You need to send by email:

1- Your name and phone number
2- Link to the film
3- Title of the film
4- Logline or short synopsis

To the following email address:, while indicating “One Meter & Beyond” competition in the subject of the email.

Selecting the winner:

A selection committee will choose the three best shorts and will post them on the RFC’s social media pages. The public can then vote for the winning film out of the three.


One thing we are learning from this current difficult situation is the need for solidarity.
The award, worth 300 Jordanian dinars, will go in the name of the winner to a social national initiative providing relief to those particularly affected by this health situation.

Your film will be promoted on the RFC’s social media platforms.

Dates & deadlines:

Deadline to receive your film: Sunday 19th April at 12 pm.
Short-listing and posting three films for public voting: Tuesday 21st April at 12 pm.
Announcing the winner: Thursday 23rd April at 12 pm.


By taking part in the competition, you implicitly agree to have your film promoted on the RFC’s platforms &/or within its upcoming events and activities.