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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | TOPLINE E-magazine (RFC) is Back!


TOPLINE E-magazine (RFC) is Back!

Amman – 4 June 2020

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) is pleased to announce the resumption of its electronic magazine “TOPLINE”, with the same spirit but in a different form.

TOPLINE is a specialized magazine in cinema, featuring articles related to films and filmmaking. The RFC initiated this e-magazine in 2018 with the aim of providing quality cinematic content, both in Arabic and English, believing in the importance of enriching knowledge in film culture and filmmaking, in addition to offering what can appeal to film lovers. TOPLINE commissions Jordanian, Arab and foreign writers, film analysts and film buffs to contribute with articles dealing with a variety of topics. It also offers a space for film buffs to express themselves and allocates a special section for film and book reviews as well as filmmaking tips. A special attention is given to the audiovisual sector in Jordan.

While maintaining its previous identity and content, TOPLINE e-magazine has switched online in the form of a blog. This shift allows the possibility of updating its content regularly, while keeping abreast of all that is new in the vibrant world of cinema. Moreover, it becomes easier to research, archive and browse previously published topics.

Mohannad Al-Bakri, Managing Director of the RFC, commented: “Absence usually carries anticipation for what is to come. TOPLINE’s team invested time during the lockdown to revamp the magazine in a way that keeps pace with the quick and continuous developments in the audiovisual sector, the hype of film festivals as well as TV and film productions. We hope you will like the e-magazine in its new format and that it will open the door for more interaction between us and with cinema.”

We invite you to read the most recent articles published in TOPLINE:

You can also browse previous issues of the magazine on TOPLINE’s blog or the RFC’s website: