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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | الهيئة الملكية الأردنية للأفلام ووزارة الثقافة توقعان مذكرة تفاهم لمشروع "قافلة أفلام الأطفال" وإنشاء مركز أفلام الزرقاء


The Royal Film Commission – Jordan and the Ministry of Culture Agree on Establishing Zarqa Film Center and Launching a Children’s Film Caravan

Amman – 7 September 2020

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) and the Ministry of Culture signed today a one-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch the “Children’s Film Caravan” project and establish the Zarqa Film Center. The MoU was signed by the Minister of Culture, Dr. Bassem Al Tweissi, and the RFC’s Managing Director, Mohannad Al Bakri.

The “Children’s Film Caravan” targets children (8 – 14 years) in the Governorates, where there are cultural centers, affiliated to the Ministry and equipped to organize film screenings. The project offers children the opportunity to watch a variety of local, Arab and international productions, contributing to their creative thinking and encouraging them to discuss and express their opinion through discussions following the screenings.

Within the MoU’s framework, a Film Center will be established to train the youth at Princess Salma Center for Childhood, associated to the Ministry of Culture in Zarqa. The Center aims to provide training opportunities to develop skills and talents related to filmmaking through holding various workshops, for the Center’s visitors and residents in the Governorate.

The training workshops include topics pertaining to documentary films, short drama and screenwriting. At the end of each workshop, films will be produced by the participants.

Dr. Al Tweissi said: “This MoU regulates the work by the Ministry and the RFC and the cooperation between them, by raising awareness about the film industry, specially outside the capital, through establishing a Film Center in Zarqa and a children’s film caravan that tours the Kingdom. This comes in addition to training the youth and building their capacity, in order to promote cinematic culture, as well as to provide an opportunity to watch Arab and international cinema at the cultural directorates in all Governorates.”

He praised the RFC’s efforts over the past years in developing the audio-visual sector and putting Jordan at the forefront as a filmmaking destination, through promoting film tourism and attracting international productions. He indicated that the Ministry and the RFC share a common vision on how to integrate new generations in the film industry.

Mohannad Al-Bakri indicated that the Kingdom’s Governorates have always been of particular interest to the RFC since its establishment. He said: “The RFC is always keen to adopt a participatory approach when working with the various national institutions in order to have cinema and films as part of cultural events and reach out to the largest possible segments of society.”

He added: “The establishment of the Zarqa Film Center will contribute to serving a large number of adolescents in the Kingdom’s second largest Governorate in terms of population number. The Children's Film Caravan will also tour other Jordanian cities to showcase selected films. Of course, any activity will take into account the exceptional circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

It is worth noting that the RFC had cooperated with the Ministry of Culture in previous years in organizing screening within the “Jordanian Film Caravan” project in collaboration with cultural directorates. Both entities also cooperated to screen Jordanian films abroad as part of the Jordanian Cultural Days.