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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | OPPORTUNITIES BULLETIN #209 October 2020


N.B. The information below is provided directly by the organizers of events, festivals, audio-visual organizations or independent film projects. The Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) cannot be held accountable for it.



In this bulletin:

  1. Call for submissions: Submit your feature film for consideration for the Oscar Awards
  2. Call for submissions: Berlin International Film Festival 2021
  3. Call for submissions: Göteborg Film Festival 2021
  4. Call for applications: Torino Film Lab 2021
  5. Call for submissions: Mobile Film Festival – Women Empowerment 
  6. Call for submissions: Shasha Mobile Film Festival
  7. Call for submissions: The International Film and Human Rights Festival of Valencia – Humans Fest
  8. Call for submissions: The 64th San Francisco International Film Festival
  9. Call for submissions: Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights 
  10. Call for Submissions: YouSat is calling for Creative Content Makers to Share Videos 



1.    Call for submissions: Submit your feature film for consideration for the Oscar Awards

If you are a Jordanian director or producer and have made a film over 40 minutes – narrative, documentary or animation, you can submit your film for consideration for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 
Kindly check rule number 13, for eligibility requirements:

Due to COVID – 19, the following special rule was introduced this year: 
“In order for films to more easily meet theatrical exhibition requirements, the Academy will allow films to qualify outside the country of origin, provided the film is theatrically exhibited outside of the United States and its territories for at least seven consecutive days in a commercial motion picture theater for paid admission. “

An independent Selection Committee – established by the RFC – will look into the submitted films that have to fit eligibility criteria set by the Academy for the International Feature Film Award.

To submit, please send an email to:  with the title: “Submission for consideration to the Academy Awards”



2. Call for submissions: Berlin International Film Festival 2021 

For the Festival 2021, the Berlinale plans to put into place a physical edition, taking into account the necessity to redesign the festival’s activities and programming including the total number of films due to the then applicable rules and regulations. The Berlinale guidelines for the 2021 festival reflect this situation.

The Berlinale programme usually consists of around 400 films and comprises of the Official Programme (Competition, Encounters, Berlinale Shorts, Panorama), the Generation and Perspektive Deutsches Kino sections, as well as the Forum, which is organized independently by the Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art.

Films can be submitted to one or more of the sections mentioned above.

General Regulations

  • Only films that have been registered can be considered for selection.
  • Film registrations are accepted exclusively online at 
  • Films which have been submitted and viewed for previous editions of the Berlinale may not be registered again.
  • Only films completed within the 12 months prior to the start of the festival may be registered.
  • Except for German films, a theatrical release as well as a festival participation in the country of origin will be accepted. The same applies to a participation at an online festival as long as the streaming is only accessible in the country of origin (by means of “geo-blocking” technology). World premieres are preferred. Kindly note the respective premiere status minimum requirements of each section. 
  • While feature-length films need a minimum running time of 60 min, Berlinale Shorts accepts films up to 30 min. Films for Perspektive Deutsches Kino (German productions only) need a minimum length of 30 min, features start with 60 min.
  • Documentary forms can be submitted to all sections.
  • Every submitter will receive a written notification about the result of the selection screening.

Details regarding film registration for the European Film Market can be found at 

For receipt of entry forms and films:
Feature-length films: 3rd November 2020
Short films: 17th November 2020

For more information please visit the website: 



3. Call for submissions: Göteborg Film Festival 2021 

The global pandemic has altered the prerequisites for film festivals. In 2021, Göteborg Film Festival plans to put into place a physical edition, with programming and implementation in accordance with relevant safety measures and applicable restrictions. The physical festival will be accompanied by a digital selection presented on Göteborg Film Festival’s streaming platform Draken Film, to make access possible for audience and industry without possibilities to attend the festival physically.

The festival is taking place from 29th January until 8th February 2021 and is now accepting feature-length fiction and documentary films to its 44th edition. 

The following does only apply to non-Swedish films. For Swedish feature films, documentaries and shorts, click here: 

The festival accepts: 

  • Feature films available on DCP or 35mm. The length must be 50 minutes or longer.
  • Documentaries available on DCP or 35mm. The length must be 50 minutes or longer.

Please note that the festival does not take applications for international shorts. To be considered the festival, the submitted film must have had its first public screening after 1st January 2020. Please note that any screening of the film in Sweden prior to the Festival automatically disqualifies the film from participating. All applications must be made through our website: 
The deadline for submissions is on 31st October 2021. 

For further questions regarding the international film submission please contact 



4. Call for applications: Torino Film Lab 2021
The Torino Film Lab (TFL) is calling for applications for its annual labs for feature film and TV series projects.

Structured around 3 workshops and a final presentation in front of the industry, these comprehensive training initiatives are a unique opportunity to enhance the project development, to network with participants from all over the world as well as to acquire a deep knowledge of the industry.
ScriptLab – for feature film projects in early development stage
Call for applications open from end of August to October 23rd
ScriptLab is TFL’s flagship screenwriting programme for international writers/directors, with all ranges of experience. Over a 9-month creative process, it focuses on the development of the treatment and/or first draft(s) of the project, through peer to peer group work and with the support of professional script consultants. Additional film professionals are invited to discuss their own areas of expertise and to give more specific advice and inspiration for the projects & the filmmakers’ careers.
The first workshop will take place in Lviv, Ukraine, in partnership with Lviv Film Commission. The programme will welcome one project from Switzerland and the Flanders region of Belgium thanks to TFL’s partnership with Swiss Films and VAF – Flanders Audiovisual Fund.
ScriptLab - story editing – for film professionals interested in gaining an insight into the development process and in working with authors
Call for applications open from end of August to October 23rd
ScriptLab - story editing is a hands-on training for film professionals, who want to work with writers and directors in the development stage of their fiction feature film projects. Participants will acquire skills in the fields of treatment and script analysis, assessment of project development and script consulting.
FeatureLab – for feature film projects in advanced development stage
Call for applications open from end of October to January 18th
FeatureLab is addressed to international creative teams of director and producer (together with a scriptwriter, if on board), developing their 1st or 2nd feature film projects – fiction, creative documentaries, experimental, animation and any possible kind cinema form. Throughout the year, the film teams benefit from individual and group sessions with a variety of trainers, from the main areas of filmmaking: script, directing, cinematography, sound, post-production, but also of production, financing & sales and audience engagement.
The first FeatureLab workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain, in partnership with Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

SeriesLab – for European TV series concepts at an early stage
Call for applications open from beginning of December to February 1st
SeriesLab is an advanced training course for European scriptwriters and directors with long TV series projects at an early development stage.
The lab stands out for involving all the main players of TV series production – scriptwriters, producers and TV broadcasters – and for offering a close link between scriptwriting process and TV industry. The aim is to draft the treatment of the pilot and the concept presentation (mini-bible) of the project.
For more information, please visit the website:



5. Call for submissions: Mobile Film Festival – Women Empowerment
The 16th edition of the Mobile Film Festival is calling for films on the theme of “Women Empowerment” in the format of: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

Films should address feminist issues in positive, constructive and activist ways. Issues could be specific to your country, culture, religion, or family. They could be local or global.
How to participate:

Be inspired and write your screenplay around the theme: Women’s Empowerment.

Shoot your dream film with a mobile phone or tablet: sequence shot, edited, stop motion or with added special effects. External sound recording devices are permitted.

Any music you use must be free from copyrights.

Make your film in the language of your choice without embedding subtitles. You can subtitle your film for free after registration on

The deadline for submission is on 20th October 2020.
Submit your film through this website as there are 40 000 Euros grants to win:  



6. Call for submissions: Shasha Mobile Film Festival
Shasha Mobile Film Festival’s first edition is happening in El Gouna, the Red Sea in Egypt from 25th until 31st October 2020.
Shasha Mobile Film Festival promotes young talents to showcase their filmmaking skills and talent in mobile filmmaking. This is happening through the festival’s official competitions in addition to a specialized filmmaking workshop alongside experts and filmmakers meet & greet.
Films must be filmed by a mobile camera with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
Competition conditions:

  •  All films must be shot by a mobile, using any external equipment for audio recording is allowed. Post production (Editing / Color correction / Audio) can be done either on mobile or any other alternative apps or devices.
  • The film must be the participant’s personal creative idea.
  • The participant must be minimum 18 years old.
  • Participants must complete the form on the official website with all the required data. - The festival will receive the participating films in (SHASHA Competition), whether raised on the Vimeo website with a password or on YouTube in an unlisted list.
  • The application/film can only be submitted by the producer or the director of the project. Applications made by any other persons will not be accepted
  • The film must be translated into English. However, a copy can be sent without translation if the main language is in English or Arabic, whereas the filmmaker undertakes to send a translated version if it is chosen to be a part of the festival screening.
  • Filmmakers cannot use more than 15% of online stock material from the whole film duration.
  • The rights of the music usage document must be attached.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the chosen participants upon finalizing the participants list.
  • An incomplete registration will not be accepted.
  • The year of film production from 2018 - 2020
  • The competition accepts short narrative and short documentary films up to ten minutes including the introduction & credentials.
  • The competition is focused on humanity topics that promote human values in general, and will reject any films that are related to racism, promote violence or violates the rights of a distinct target group in society.
  • Only 1 movie to be submitted by each applicant

The deadline is on 20th October 2020.

For more information and details on the festival, terms & conditions, and application inquiries please visit the website:



7. Call for submissions: The International Film and Human Rights Festival of Valencia – Humans Fest

The International Film and Human Rights Festival of Valencia – Humans Fest will be taking place from 9th until 21st February 2021. The festival is still accepting film submissions for its 12th edition!

The festival is organized by Fundación por la Justicia, in collaboration with different NGOs from Valencia. The main aim is to sensitize and raise awareness about Humans Rights through art and culture.


  1. Topics:
    • Only films with a theme related to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights may participate.
    • In the Official International Selection of Short Films, only productions whose topic deal with children, youth, and Human Rights may participate.
    • For the selections HumansVLC, One Minute One Right, Web series, and Gamers, the films have to be related to human rights in a general way.
  2. All productions must be finished after 1st January 2019.
  3. Works must be subtitled into English, Spanish, or Catalan (included in file .srt format).
  4. Open call for the following selections:
  • International Feature Films Competition
  • International Short Films Competition
  • International Web Series Competition
  • Valencian Short Films, "Humans VLC"
  • Valencian mini-shorts "Un minuto, Un derecho” (One minute, One right)
  • Humans Gamers I International Contest of Serious Video Games and Virtual Reality.

The registration deadline is on 31st October 2020. The deadline for selection 1 Minute 1 Right is on January 15th 2021. The deadline for Serious Videogames and Virtual Reality Selection is on March 8, 2021.

For more details in rules and regulations and how to submit, please visit:



8. Call for submissions: The 64th San Francisco International Film Festival

The 64th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM) is scheduled from 9th until 18th April 2021 and is now accepting submissions. Works in all genres, forms, and lengths are considered.

SFFILM is currently moving forward with planning its edition for April 2021 as a hybrid in-person and online event, in accordance with all active health and safety recommendations from local, state, and federal officials. Exact dates, venue footprint, and in-person event structure are all subject to change based on the realities of producing a safe and accessible film festival at that time.

The regular deadline is on 16th November 2020 for mid-length features/ Final deadline for short films.
The final deadline for mid-length features in on 7th December 2020.

For more information please visit:



9. Call for submissions: Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

Submit your film to the 19th edition of the Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH). The next edition is due to take place from 5th until 14th March 2021. The festival usually takes place in the heart of Geneva, the human rights capital, parallel to the annual main session of the UN Human Rights Council in March.

The FIFDH runs two international competitions – fiction and documentary – offering a world class selection of feature films that challenge the ways in which we see the world, in the presence of filmmakers and protagonists. Two prestigious Juries award the Grand Prix de Genève (10,000 €), the Grand Prix Fiction (10,000 €) and the Prix Sergio Vieira de Mello (5,000€).

The FIFDH selects recent feature-length documentary and fiction films (year of production: 2020 or 2021). The minimal duration of a film must be 50 min. Shorter films will not be considered.

The deadline for submissions is on 30th November 2020.

For more information, please visit the website:



10. Call for Submissions: YouSat is calling for Creative Content Makers to Share Videos

YouSat is a newly established satellite channel in Egypt that enables anyone to upload videos on its website:
YouSat accepts all films regardless of length, genre, year of production and topic, as long as they meet general guidelines that can be found on the website in the “About” section, mainly:

  • no hate speech
  • no pornographic material
  • no actual violence or abuse
  • no copyrighted material
  • no political or religious speech

Subtitling is optional, but not required.

YouSat provides an opportunity for film makers to broadcast their films on satellite television to hundreds of millions of homes around the Middle East and North Africa at no cost to themselves.  YouSat offers an opportunity to make money with our Yousat Pack Revenue Share Program.  For more information go to  

For more information about YouSat. please visit