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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | Two New Cash Rebate Programs for Arab and Jordanian Films


Amman, 21st October 2020
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) devised two new incentive programs that aim to support filmmakers and the filmmaking industry in Jordan and the region, and to attract more regional productions to the country.

The two new incentive schemes target Arab and Jordanian productions, whereby 10 – 15 % cash rebate will be granted to eligible local and Arab productions depending on the local spend in Jordan.

These two cash rebate incentives come in addition to the already existing cash rebate program, targeting all productions and to the tax exemption program. Productions, if eligible, can benefit from both the cash rebate and the tax exemption.

The film industry is being largely driven by financial considerations - in addition to locations, services, local crew/talent and infrastructure. These newly introduced incentive schemes will certainly consolidate Jordan on the map as a filming destination and create more job opportunities for the local crew.

In addition to the above, local productions or co-productions with Jordan can benefit from the Jordan Film Fund.

Mohannad Al-Bakri, RFC’s Managing Director, commented on this new step saying: “We expanded the scope of the financial incentive and tax exemption programs to include local and Arab productions but with fewer requirements and conditions than for foreign productions. We hope that this will contribute to boost the local film industry as well as to attract more Arab projects.”  He added: “The Jordanian cinema has come a long way in the past years despite financial challenges. It is our duty at the RFC to continue to develop new programs and plans that provide an enabling environment, while helping the creative industry grow. All this comes in addition to other existing incentives.”

It is worth noting that in 2019, Jordan hosted 483 projects in addition to 346 in 2020.   The last international production to film in Jordan was the Korean feature-length narrative “The Negotiations” by Yim Soon-rye, starring Hyun Bin, Kang Ki-young and Hwang Jung-min.  The film was shot in different locations in the Kingdom, employing around 100 Jordanians for two months. This was the first big production to film under the COVID-19 guidelines that the RFC has issued. The film crew went back home safely a month ago.

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