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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | Three Jordanian Films Reap Top Awards at Malmo Arab Film Festival


Four significant awards were handed out to three Jordanian films, last Tuesday, at the sixth edition of Malmo Arab Film Festival (MAFF) in Sweden, which ran from September 30th until October 5th 2016.

“3000 Nights”, by Mai Masri, has won Best Feature Film Award as well as the Audience Award. During the festival, the audience had voted on all recent feature films and documentaries giving away the prize to Masri’s film.

Inspired by a true story and shot in a real prison in Jordan, “3000 Nights” follows a newlywed Palestinian schoolteacher, who is wrongfully arrested and incarcerated in an Israeli prison where she gives birth to her son. Through her struggle to raise her child behind bars, the film traces a young mother’s journey of hope, resilience and survival against all odds.

Commenting on this success, director Masri said: "I'm so happy and proud that "3000 Nights" has received 4 new awards in the past few days including the two prizes at Malmo Arab Film Festival. I would like to congratulate our crew, cast, and co-producers for the 13 international awards the film has won so far culminating with its nomination to represent Jordan at the 89th Academy Awards (Oscar®) for the Best Foreign Language Film category. This is truly an honour."

On the other hand, “Lissa Aisha”, by Asma Bseiso, had its share of receiving the festival’s Best Documentary Award. In the documentary, which was premiered in Amman last March, the filmmaker takes us through the journey of young “Aisha”, who was abandoned by her parents when she was only months old and raised in an orphanage. She addresses the abusive milestones in her childhood that have left her the person she is today in a society that treated her as a person to be taken advantage of.

Bseiso expressed her pride and gratitude towards winning this award, saying: “I dedicate this success to all those who believed in me as a filmmaker, the ones who supported the film and contributed into giving birth to it, and to whoever believes in the role of arts and cinema in spreading love, peace and justice in this world. Long live cinema!”

Starring in the feature narrative film “The Curve”, actor Ashraf Barhoum has won Best Actor Award for his role as “Radi” in the movie; written and directed by Rifqi Assaf. An unusual yet universal human story, we see in the film different people from different walks of life, who happen to meet under the strangest circumstances. “Radi”, living in complete isolation, soon finds himself on a road trip with “Laila”, who is traveling back to her homeland and challenges all his fears.

Praising the impressive performance of Barhoum in his film, director and screenwriter Assaf commented: “I feel very pleased with this prize being the firstthat the film has won and coming fromajury that comprises distinguished members. In my opinion, Ashraf Barhoum is one of the most significant Arab actors and has mastered the difficult and complex character of "Radi"."

It is worth noting that the three-awarded films had received support from the Jordan Film Fund managed by the Royal Film Commission – Jordan(RFC). “Lissa Aisha” got a development fund, whereas “The Curve” and “3000 Nights” obtained production grants.