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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | A Regional Training Program for Producers and Directors Kicks off in Amman


Since the 13thand until the 22nd of October 2016, five producers and five directors from Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Palestine are meeting at the Royal Film Commission’s Film House in Amman to benefit from a specialized and innovative film training program supported by The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF).

They are members of the finalist teams selected to Med Film Factory’s 4th cycle - an advanced training program for filmmakers from the Arab World, initiated by Jordan's Royal Film Commission in partnership with Sud Ecriture, Tunisia, and the Huston School of Film & Digital Media, Ireland. The directors and the producers of those teams will alternate in two workshops: The Producers’ Coaching Program and the Directors’ Workshop. These two workshops will overlap for four days allowing for an integrated learning approach where both participants of each team will benefit from the learning experience of their partner.

For the first six days of Med Film Factory, producers will work with national and international film and production experts on techniques of producing, pitching, distributing and marketing their film projects. Directors will join them on the third day for mutual training sessions. On the seventh day of the program, producers will have completed their training experience at Med Film Factory and directors will continue on developing the production aspects of their feature films. They will be mentored by international directors and film experts on and off set, as they go into production to shoot and edit one scene from their projects. The participant directors are also supported throughout this workshop by skilled and expert local cast and crew, a factor that only enhanced the quality of the experience.

These two overlapping workshops will be followed by a film assembly, scheduled to take place in Dubai Film Market in December of 2016. Med Film Factory participants will get the chance to network with significant names in the industry and pitch their projects in front of potential funders.

Tutors and experts for this workshop include: Hédi Zardi (France), Mohammad Hushki (Jordan), Rashid Abdelhamid (Jordan), Eyad Hamam (Jordan), Magali Negroni (France), Philippe Lasry (France), Nedra Bin Smail (Tunis), Stefano Tealdi (Italy) and Anabelle Pangborn (UK.)

Here is the list of the participating teams and projects:

From Egypt, Director Ayten Amin and Producer Mark Lutfy are teaming up to work on their film “Soad.”

From Jordan, Director Roua Nazar and Producer Ala’a Alasad are teaming up to work on their film, “Baghdad Perfume.”

From Palestine, Director Riyad Deis and Producer Wafa Salam are teaming up to work on their film, “Khamaseen.”

From Jordan, Director Zaid BaQaeen and Producer Ahmad Malki are teaming up to work on their film, “Waiting for the Fourth Season.”

From Iraq, Director Yahya Al Allaq and Producer Saif Abood are teaming up to work on their film, “Amerli.”

George David, the Managing Director of the Royal Film Commission - Jordan, emphasized “the major benefit that this program offers to regional film directors and producers who are in the critical phase of their film- realization. We at the Royal FilmCommission are determined to equip our local, as well as our regional filmmakers with the proper tools and knowledge that enables them to tell their stories and convey their voices in the most impactful and meaningful way possible. Med Film Factory, has an extremely efficient design that serves that purpose. Since 2011, it has matured into an annually anticipated film training program which has benefited around 24 teams of Arab producers and directors.”

In a related context, commented Valentina Qussisiya, Chief Executive Officer of AHSF, “We are happy to support the 4th cycle of The Med Film Factory Program for this year as we believe it offers practical training and sets up teams of Jordanian and Arab producers and directors which encourages the exchange of expertise, broadens their horizons and stimulates their creative capabilities, thus enriching the Arab cinematic scene." Qussisiya also emphasized the importance in investing and supporting such programs, in establishing a strong creative industry in Jordan and the Arab world that can both contribute and compete on an international level.