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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | The Royal Film Commission – Jordan Hosts Representatives of Major International Film & Television Companies


A group of ten high-level representatives of major global film and television companies took part in a “familiarization (FAM) tour” of Jordan organized by the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC). The purpose of the tour was to familiarize the visiting delegates with Jordan’s filmmaking infrastructure and locations. The delegates were shown some of Jordan’s most famous sites, such as Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. The FAM tour was partly sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board and took place between September 24 and September 29.

The FAM tour’s activities included meetings with Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein – Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the RFC – Princess Rym Ali – Member of the Board of Commissioners at the RFC - and the Jordanian Ministers of Tourism, Planning and Finance. The visiting delegates also met with emerging filmmakers at the RFC’s Film Centre in Salt. Welcoming them in Jordan, Prince Ali said: “We have an awe-inspiring scenery and an excellent talent base. We are ready to assist in any way we can, to move the filming industry forward”.

Representatives of major studios - Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Netflix, Lionsgate – and prominent production companies – Alcon Entertainment and Left Bank Pictures - learned about Jordan’s filmmaking infrastructure and discussed financial incentives for filming in the Kingdom. They were given a behind-the-scenes look at services and resources available to support filming in Jordan, while they offered their points of view on how to further develop the industry. The delegates brought their unique perspectives and knowledge of film and television production to the Jordanian film community. They spoke on a panel about what foreign productions might expect from filming in Jordan. The panel was one of the highlights of the 2016 Film & Television Careers Connection (FTCC), an annual showcase of film and television companies in Jordan, held at the RFC.

Also included in the delegation was former United States Senator Christopher Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Senator Dodd delivered a keynote address at the RFC on the 26th of September on film and television piracy. “Only when we have created an environment that promotes innovation and creativity, while protecting creators, can we be certain that this remarkable industry will be able to continue benefiting our cultures and succeeding generations,” Senator Dodd said during his address.

“I am deeply impressed by the ground work that has already been laid by the Royal Film Commission. My team and I are honored to assist the RFC in protecting content, and I believe we must continue working together to ensure a creative and digital environment in which our industry can flourish,” he added.

Jordan already possesses a recognizably strong crew base, exceptional filming locations, as well as multi-tiered political support for the film industry. Commenting on the state of this industry in Jordan, Senator Dodd said: “The three pillars in order to create a sustainable film and television industry are a deep local crew base, infrastructure to support the industry, and support from government to implement a competitive incentive. After having just visited Jordan, I am convinced that the first two pillars already exist. The trip has allowed us to collaborate with government officials and I am optimistic that the third pillar of creating a competitive incentive will be implemented in the near future. This will allow Jordan to be the leader as a film and television hub in the Middle East.”

Roy Button, Executive Vice President and Manager of Production for Warner Bros., has been to Jordan several times, once as the Production Manager for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which memorably featured the Treasury at Petra. At the end of this most recent visit, Button had this to say about filming in Jordan: “Jordan is a great place, the people and the country are fantastic. Great filming environment, locations, equipment are all well set up by the Royal Film Commission. Thank you, Jordan!”