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Call for Participation: “Advanced Writing Workshop”

Date of Event: 05/03/2016

Time of Event: 10:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan

Director: William Macdonald and Jeff Fahey

Country: Jordan

Production Year: 2017

Subject: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) is pleased to invite you to participate in an advanced writing workshop with prominent Hollywood film professionals. 

Time & Date:  From 5th until 9th March 2017 - (10 AM until 5 PM).  

Location: The Royal Film Commission, Jabal Amman, 1st Circle, 5 Omar Bin el-Khattab Street. 

About the workshop: This workshop is an advanced writing workshop for film & TV that is targeted at advanced filmmakers and film professionals, who have their projects in development. 

The workshop will take place over a period of four days during which participants get the chance to pitch their film/TV projects to their instructors as part of the development for each project on an individual basis. 

Workshop language:  English 

About the instructors:

William Macdonald is a writer and producer, best known for Rome (2005), The Saint (1997) and Sliver (1993). Macdonald co-created and executive produced HBO’s critically acclaimed Rome, writing the bible for both seasons of the series, and going on to receive a Golden Globe and Writers Guild nomination for his writing. 

He is currently producing the 10 part series The Flying Tigers in Qingtao, China, for which he co-wrote the scripts and is directing one episode. Macdonald is also adapting and developing several new projects including: Storyville, the tale of America’s most notorious red-light district in New Orleans for Epix channel; The Woman Who Defied Kings, based on Andree Aelion Brooks’ biography regarding the extraordinary life and times of Dona Gracia Nasi; and Arch Alien, a sci-fi series created by Macdonald and Stan Lee of Spiderman, Iron Man and Avengers” fame. Macdonald is often credited for coining the phrase “edutainment” to describe his philosophy of using television programs to entertain while simultaneously educating the audience, particularly young viewers. 

Jeff Fahey is an actor and producer of theater, television, and film. Fahey received his feature film break when he was offered the role of “Tyree” in Lawrence Kasdan’s Silverado. From his breakthrough in Silverado and continuing in an unbroken line to the present day, Fahey has never experienced a lull in his acting career. Working alongside of Robert Mitchum, Brian Denahey, Pierce Brosnan, and Clint Eastwood, among others, and with directors like Larry Kasdan, Sandra Locke, John McKinsie, Dan Petrie Sr., and Gary Sinse. Fahey is a veteran of more than 150 films, and a number of television series, including FOX’s hit Tseries LOST, FX’s Justified, and CBS’s Under the Dome. On the other side of the camera, Fahey worked as a producer on the films Close Call, Choosing Matthais, Extra Marital, The Underground, and The Sweeper.

Fees: Free of charge

To apply, please submit an updated resume and a film script or film outline and send them the following email:, and write in the subject line “Advanced Writing Workshop”.

Last day for submissions: Tuesday, 21st of February 2017.

For further information, please contact the RFC: 064613835, ext. 103, 109 or 117