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Turkish Film Days

Date of Event: 29/09/2019

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan

The Royal Film Commission – Jord

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan

In cooperation with the Embassy of Turkey in Jordan

invites you to attend the

“Turkish Film Days”

From Sunday 29th of September until Tuesday 1st of October 2019

at 8:00 PM

The Opening Reception is on Sunday 29 September at 7:30 PM

at the Royal Film Commission - Jordan

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, Jebel Amman, 1st Circle, 7 Omar Bin
Khattab St. (off Rainbow Street)

Public Invitation. Free Entry

The theater is suitable for those with limited mobility

Sunday 29 September

8:00 PM

Dedemin İnsanları (My Grandfather's People)

Çagan Irmak, 126 min, Comedy/ Drama/ Family, in Turkish with English subtitles, 2011

PG 13

A story of a grandpapa and his family who were torn from their land and forced to migrate from Crete during the population exchange when he was just seven years old. His greatest desire is to see the land of his birth before he dies. It is this longing that makes him frequently drop bottles containing letters into the Aegean. The film describes the spectacular transformation of a family and their country through the eyes of a ten-year old child and his grandfather living in a small town. It is the story of the people in the crowded and warm Aegean, what it means to be the other, the ability to belong anywhere no matter where you go, insurrections, numerous minorities, and both sides.

The movie has won the SIYAD Turkish Film Critics Association Award as well as the Turkish Cinema Award for Best Art Direction.

Film Trailer

Monday 30 September

8:00 PM

Kelebeğin Rüyası (The Butterfly's Dream)

Yilmaz Erdogan, 138 min, Biography/ Drama/ History, in Turkish with English subtitles, 2013

PG 13

In a small Turkish town, two young tuberculous poets try to survive while publishing their poems. As they both fall in love, their life would never be the same.

The film has won several awards including: the Leonardo's Horse Award for Best Music at Milano International Film Festival, the Atlantis Award for Film Music and Male Actor and the Best Film Score at Moondance International Film Festival, the Gold Medal for Excellence for Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film at Park City Film Music Festival and Best Performance by an Actor at Sadri Alisik Theatre and Cinema Awards.

Film Trailer

Tuesday 1 October

8:00 PM

Av Mevsimi (Hunting Season)

Yavuz Turgul, 140 min, Crime/ Drama/ Mystery, in Turkish with English subtitles, 2011


Veteran homicide cop Ferman and his hot-headed partner Ydris team up with rookie cop Hasan to investigate the murder of a young woman. The suspects include her conservative family, who might have killed her for honor, her drug-dealer boyfriend and aged billionaire Battal who had taken the victim as his second wife.

The lives of the three homicide detectives are turned upside-down while looking for answers.

Film Trailer