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Call for Participation: “Halaqat” Project

Date of Event: 25/07/2021

Time of Event:

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Call for Participation: “Halaqat” Project

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC), in partnership with The Drosos Foundation, is holding the” “Halaqat” project, which aims to support and develop six Jordanian TV series through a program designed specifically to assist the selected teams in the process. The teams will be mentored throughout the project by professional local, regional, and international advisors and each team will be granted up to 10.000 JDs to produce their pilot episode.

The teams will enroll in a fourteen-month program, that consists of the below labs and activities:

Kick off workshop:

A three-day workshop where well-known TV advisors will work with the teams to ensure they have a proper orientation of the “Halaqat" Project, and how to create a plan for their TV series workflow.

Writers Lab:

A six-day virtual lab for six weeks, where professional writers will work as advisors with the writer from each team to develop their TV bible and the pilot episode script.

Directors Lab:

A four-day physical lab in Amman, where professional directors will work as advisors to mentor the directors from each team on the essentials for excelling through pre-production, shooting and post-production.

Producers Lab:

A three-day physical training in Amman, where professional producers will work as advisors to train the producer from each team on budgeting, scheduling, financing and other tasks of the producer.


Each team will be given up to 10,000 JOD to shoot their TV pilot episodes. It is a three-month phase for location scouting, casting, pre-production, production and editing the first cut of the pilot episode.

Post-Production Lab:

A 10-day lab where professional editing advisors will work with the teams to guide them in producing a final cut of their TV pilot episodes.

Packaging and pitching Lab:

A three-day lab, where professional advisors will support the teams to develop their pitch presentation and practice it in front of them.


The RFC will invite industry decision makers and representatives from VOD platforms, Arab channels, production companies, producers, and investors in a one-day event, where the six teams will present their TV series pitch to the invitees with the aim of securing funding.

Note: the exact days for each phase will be determined later.

Deadline for submission:  Thursday, August 19th, 2021

To apply and for more information please visit, or contact us at: