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Russian Film Days

Date of Event: 15/08/2022

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan

Russian Film Days Brochure 

Russian Film Days   
From Monday 15th until Wednesday 17th of August 2022  
This event is organized by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan
in cooperation with the Russian Film Festival
8 PM at The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater)
First Circle – Jabal Amman
Free Entry

Monday 15 August at 8 PM

A Dog Named Palma

Aleksandr Domogarov junior, 110 min, Family Movie/Adventure, in Russian with English and Arabic subtitles, 2021

The film is inspired by an incredible true story of a shepherd dog named Palma, who was inadvertently left in the airport by her owner, after the dog was denied getting on board. Palma hides at the airport and keeps watching the airplanes hoping that her owner will return. But time passes by…

She befriends nine-year old, Nicholas, whose mother passed away leaving him with a father he barely knows; a pilot who finds the dog at the airport. Nicholas’ father will have to gain his son’s trust by making a difficult choice between his career and family.

A story of amazing adventures, true friendship, and unconditional love.
The film participated in Schlingel Film Festival.

Film Trailer

Tuesday 16 August at 8 PM

First Snow


Natalia Konchalovskaya, 83 min, Comedy/ Drama, in Russian with English and Arabic subtitles, 2021

Chasing the dream of finding their place in modern Moscow, the film’s characters desperately try to become the best version of themselves.

Their lives will intersect at the beginning of autumn, and each will have to find a way to love and learn to be themselves before the first snow.

The film was awarded at “Window to Europe” Film Festival in 2021.


Wednesday 17 August at 8 PM

A Frenchman


Andrey Smirnov, 128 min, Drama, in Russian with English and Arabic subtitles, 2019

In 1957, French student Pierre Durand arrives in Moscow for an internship at Moscow State University. There he meets ballerina, Kira Galkina, and photographer, Valera Uspenskiy. Together with them, he discovers the cultural side of Moscow, not only the traditional one, but also the underground one. During his year in Russia's capital, Pierre lives an entirely different life than what he is used to. But the internship and the experience of the Soviet people's way of life are not the only things Pierre is after, he is searching for his father, White officer, Tatishchev, who was arrested in the 1930s.

"A Frenchman" was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020.

Film Trailer