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Film Screening

Eufrosina's Revolution

Date of Screening: 08-March-2017

Time of Screening: 19:00

Location of Screening: The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman- 1st Circle

Director: Luciana Kaplan

Country: Mexico

Production Year: 2012

Wednesday 8 March

Eufrosina's Revolution

7:00 PM 

Luciana Kaplan, 97 min, Documentary, Spanish with English Subtitles, Mexico, 2012

The personal journey and social awakening of Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza, a young indigenous woman from Mexico fighting against gender inequality. Eufrosina was denied the right to be Mayor of her community only because she was a woman, that led her to fight for gender equality in indigenous communities and question the current system of ''custom and usage'‘, challenging the political leaders in the area. This movement took place in the midst of the political changes that happened in Oaxaca in 2010.

“Eufrosina’s Revolution” has won the Human Rights Award at the Latin American Film Festival in Flanders - Belgium, and the Al-Jazeera Documentary Award at the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. It was also nominated for best full-length documentary at Mexico’s Ariel Awards.