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Film Screening

The Postmodern Life of My Aunt

Date of Screening: 09-October-2017

Time of Screening: 20:00

Location of Screening: The Royal Film Commission

Director: Ann Hui

Country: China

Production Year: 2006

111 min, Comedy/ Drama/ Romance, Chinese with Arabic subtitles

Ye Rutang, a single-living woman in her late fifties, struggles to maintain a dignified life amid the dangers of Shanghai. Living alone in an apartment, she endures gossipy neighbor and her pampered cat. She is pragmatic, frugal and self-reliant, but her old-fashioned style and trusting nature make it difficult for her to fit into Shanghai society.

She encounters self-proclaimed aesthete Pan Zhichang, and falls for him. Rutang uses her life savings to invest in cemetery spaces based on his suggestion. He turns out to be a fraudster.

The movie has won numerous awards including: The Asian Film Critics Association Awards for Best Actress, the Jury Award and Students’ Choice Award for Best Actress at Beijing Student Film Festival, the China Film Media Award for Best Director, the Chunyan Award for Best Screenplay, the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress and Best Original Film Score, the Golden Peacock Award for Best Film at International Film Festival of India and Film of Merit Award at Shanghai Film Critics Award.