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Film Screening

Enoshima Prism

Date of Screening: 27-September-2017

Time of Screening: 20:00

Location of Screening: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, Jebel Amman, 1st Circle, 5 Omar Bin Khattab St. (off Rainbow Street)

Director: Yasuhiro Yoshida

Country: Japan

Production Year: 2013

90 min, Comedy, Japanese with English subtitles

Shuta, Saku and Michiru were best friends since childhood. Their friendship had still been going strong in the winter of their second year in high school. That is, until Saku passes away. Two years later, on the third anniversary of Saku’s death, Shuta gets on the Enoden Line and is suddenly transported back through time. He sees Saku sitting before him. Shuta is stunned to realize that he has traveled through time. What’s more, when he goes to his high school, his friend Michiru is waiting for him and tells him that they will be cleaning the school building. Happy to be reunited with Saku and Michiru again, Shuta begins to clean the building as he’s told. But a basketball hits him and he is transported back to his own time.

Film Trailer