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Film Screening

Jordanian short documentaries

Date of Screening: 29-March-2018

Time of Screening: 19:00

Location of Screening: The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman- 1st Circle



Production Year:

Screening of a collection of Jordanian short documentaries produced at “Jordan Stories” Workshop in Amman in 2017. The workshop is organized by the Royal Film Commission – Jordan in partnership with the British Council – Jordan and the Scottish Documentary Institute,

The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers and with Noe Mendelle, Director of the Scottish Documentary Institute.


Yasmeen Afaneh, Amal El-Hudhud and Bayan Habib, 4 min, Arabic with English subtitles.

A deep passion for reading pushes Ghaith to give up the financial security of an insurance sales life for setting up a bookshop with a difference!


Asmahan Brekat, Ban Maraqa and Doaa Nassar, 9 min, Arabic with English subtitles.

An old Bedouin Palestinian woman lives with her family in the outskirts of Amman. One day, she pushes away the love and attention of her life-long husband for the new and unusual love of her life: Badrya, the sheep


Ayyob Al-Qasem, Ahmad Al-Thiabat and Marwan Albayari, 6 min, Arabic with English subtitles.

Many boys in Jordan must work at an early age to help their families. Bader, a young Syrian refugee is no exception. His dream of schooling is already denied and now children push him away his love for football.


Hiba Nabulsi and Walaa Alzaidan, 6 min, Arabic with English subtitles.

Depression is frowned upon in most societies and it is a source of shame in an Arabic culture. Manard, a young Jordanian woman breaks the taboo and talks freely about her experience.