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Screenings held by the RFC in 2017:


Women's Film Week:

March 8: "Eufrosina's Revolution" by Luciana Kaplan, Mexico, 2012

March 9: "Women of Malolos" by Kiri & Sari Dalena, Philippines, 2014

March 9: "The Boxing Girls of Kabul" by Ariel Nasr, Canada, 2012

March 10: "Get Together Girls" by Vanessa Crocini, Italy, 2012

March 10: "East Side Sushi" by Anthony Lucero, USA, 2015

March 11: "The Milk of Sorrow" by Clauda Llosa, Spain, 2009

March 11: "Noriben - The Recipe for Future" by Akira Ogata, Japan, 2009

Japanese Animation Film Days:

19 March: "The Wind Rises" by Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2013

20 March: "The Garden of Words" by Makoto Shinkai, Japan, 2013


February 6: "Blessed Benefit" by Mahmoud Al Massad, Jordan/ Germany/ Netherlands/ Qatar/ UAE, 2016, In the presence of the director 

February 9: "2000 Terrorists" by Hanro Smitsman, Netherlands, 2003. In the presence of the director

Iranian Film Days:

February 19: "Inversion" by Behnam Behzadi, Iran, 2016

February 20: "MATT" by Saba Kazemi, Iran, 2016

February 21: "Another Time" by Nahid Hassanzadeh, Iran, 2016

February 22: "Paris - Tehran" by Kevah Oveisi, Iran, 2016