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Screenings held by the RFC in 2017:


December 4: "Palestine: The Reality" by Karl Sabbagh, Palestine, 2017

December 10: "Train to Busan" by Sang-ho Yeon, Korea, 2016

December 11: "The Beauty Inside" by Jong-Yeol Baek, Korea, 2015

December 12: "The Age of Shadows" by Jee-Woon Kim, Korea, 2016

December 18: "Letters from Baghdad" by Sabine Krayenbühl and Zeva Oelbaum, UK, 2016


November 4: "City of Ghosts" by Matthew Heineman, USA, 2017

New Wave of Egyptian Cinema

November 19: "The Past Will Return (Gaye El Zaman), by Dina Hamza, Egypt, 2015

November 20: "Waves (Moug)" by Ahmed Nour, Egypt, 2013

November 21: "In a Day (Fi Youm)" by Karim Shaaban, Egypt, 2015

November 22: "Experimental Summer" by Mahmoud Lotfy, Egypt, 2017

November 23: "Little Eagles" by Mohamed Rashad, Egypt, 2016

November 26: "Heaven on Earth" by Deepa Mehta, Canada, 2008


October 8: "Silent Witness" by Xing Fei, China, 2013

October 9: "The Postman Life of My Aunt" by Ann Hui, China, 2006

October 22: "Ya Omri" by Hady Zaccak, Lebanon, 2017


September 12: "El Rumor de las Piedras (The Rumble of the Stones)" by Alejandro Palacios, Venezuela, 2011

September 13: "Verde Salvaje (Wild Green)" by Belén Orsini, Venezuela, 2014

September 14: "Patas Arriba (Upside Down)" by Alejandro Wiedemann, Venezuela, 2011

September 23: "I Just Wanna Hug You" by Akihiko Shiota, Japan, 2014

September 24: "Tamako Love Story" by Naoko Yamada, Japan, 2014

September 25: "Wonderful World End" by Daigo Matsui, Japan, 2014

September 26: "Love for Beginners" by Takeshi Furusawa, Japan, 2012

September 27: "Enoshima Prism" by Yasuhiro Yoshida, Japan, 2013


August 6: "Karama Has No Walls" by Sara Ishaq, Yemen, 2012. Followed by a discussion with the director.

August 6: "The Mulberry House" by Sara Ishaq, Yemen, 2013. Followed by a discussion with the director.

August 7: "A Night of Yemeni Short Films"

August 8: "A New Day in Old Sana'a" by Bader Bin Hirsi, Yemen, 2005

August 9: "Socotra: The Hidden Land" by Carles Cardelús, Yemen, 2015

Arab Film Festival Amman 7th Edition

August 20: "Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim" by Sherif Elbendary, Egypt, 2016

August 21: "Zaineb Hates the Snow" by Kaouther Ben Hania, Tunisia, 2016

August 22: "Tramontane" by Vatche Boulghourjian, Lebanon, 2016.

August 23: "Ghost Hunting" by Raed Andoni, Palestine, 2017

August 24: "In the Last Days of the City" by Tamer El Said, Egypt, 2016

August 25: "Headbang Lullaby" by Hicham Lasri, Morocco, 2016

August 26: "Barakah Meets Barakah" by Mahmoud Sabbagh, Saudi Arabia, 2016


July 5: "Zizou" by Férid Boughedir, Tunisia/France, 2016.

July 6: "Tour de France" by Rachid Djaidani, France, 2016

July 7: "D’Une Pierre Deux Coups (Our Mother)" by Fejria Deliba, France, 2016

July 8: "ADAMA" by Simon Rouby, France, 2015

July 8: "Heaven Will Wait" by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, France, 2016

July 8: "Good Luck Algeria" by Farid Bentoumi, France, 2016

July 9: "The Challenge" by Yuri Ancarani, France, 2016

July 9: "Mimosas" by  Oliver Laxe, France, 2016

July 10: "InSyriated by Philippe Van Leeuw, Lebanon, 2017

July 10: "Beirut Street: Hip-Hop in Lebanon" by Salim Saab, Lebanon, 2017

July 11: "Heaven Sent" by Wissam Charaf, Lebanon, 2017

Short Film Night

July 11: "The Parrot" by Darin Sallam & Amjad al-Rasheed, Jordan, 2015

July 11: "I am Gong" by Laurie Lassale, France, 2016

July 11: "F430" by Yassine Qnia, France, 2015

July 11: "Timgad" by Fabrice Benchaouche, Algeria, 2016

July 24: "Nice People" by Anders Helgeson and Karin af Klintberg, Sweden, 2015

July 25: "The Wave" by Roar Uthaug, Norway, 2015


June 20: "Zaatari Djinn" by Catherine Van Campen, Netherlands, 2016.

June 30: "The Blessed" by Sofia Djama, Algeria, 2017


May 7: "Um Sultan, The Matchmaker" by Mariam Shahin, Jordan, 2017. Followed by a discussion with the director

May 17: "Kid Kulafu" by Paul Soriano, Filipino, 2015

May 18: "She's Dating the Gangster" by Cathy Carcia-Molina, Filipino, 2014

May 19: "Everything About Her" by Joyce Bernal, Filipino, 2016


April 10: "WALLS" by Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina, USA, 2015. Followed by a discussion with producer Wael Kabbani

April 11: "We Are Many" by Amir Amirani, USA, 2014. Followed by a discussion with producer Wael Kabbani

April 12: "Shadows of Liberty" by Jean-Philippe Tremblay, USA, 2012. Followed by a discussion with producer Wael Kabbani

April 23: "HEDI" by Mohamed Ben Attia, Tunisia, 2016.

April 24: "Foreign Body" by Raja Amari, Tunisia, 2016

April 26: "Gaza Surf Club" by Mickey Yamine, Germany, 2017


Sheffield Film Days in Amman:

March 25: "Where to Invade Next" by Michael Moore, USA, 2016

March 26: "Life, Animated" by Roger Ross Williams, USA, 2016

March 27:  "Notes on Blindness" by Pete Middleton & James Spinney, UK, 2016

March 28: "After Spring " by Steph Ching & Ellen Martinez, USA, 2016

March 29: "Ambulance (Ambulanse)" by Mohamed Jabali, Norway/Palestine, 2016. Followed by a discussion with the director 

March 30: "Basaer Journey " by Mahmoud Hammash, Jordan, 2016. Followed by a discussion with the director 

Women's Film Week:

March 8: "Eufrosina's Revolution" by Luciana Kaplan, Mexico, 2012

March 9: "Women of Malolos" by Kiri & Sari Dalena, Philippines, 2014

March 9: "The Boxing Girls of Kabul" by Ariel Nasr, Canada, 2012

March 10: "Get Together Girls" by Vanessa Crocini, Italy, 2012

March 10: "East Side Sushi" by Anthony Lucero, USA, 2015

March 11: "The Milk of Sorrow" by Clauda Llosa, Spain, 2009

March 11: "Noriben - The Recipe for Future" by Akira Ogata, Japan, 2009

Japanese Animation Film Days:

19 March: "The Wind Rises" by Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2013

20 March: "The Garden of Words" by Makoto Shinkai, Japan, 2013


February 6: "Blessed Benefit" by Mahmoud Al Massad, Jordan/ Germany/ Netherlands/ Qatar/ UAE, 2016, In the presence of the director 

February 9: "2000 Terrorists" by Hanro Smitsman, Netherlands, 2003. In the presence of the director

Iranian Film Days:

February 19: "Inversion" by Behnam Behzadi, Iran, 2016

February 20: "MATT" by Saba Kazemi, Iran, 2016

February 21: "Another Time" by Nahid Hassanzadeh, Iran, 2016

February 22: "Paris - Tehran" by Kevah Oveisi, Iran, 2016