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Children & Youth Centers

In partnership with Drosos Foundation*, the Royal film Commission – Jordan (RFC) has launched this project that aims at encouraging local communities to express themselves through cinematic means and enhancing their filmmaking knowledge.Children and youth are trained on drama, acting, screenwriting and the art of filmmaking. One film Center in Mafraq and two centers equipped with cinema buses in Petra and Wadi Rum are established. The training curriculum is designed by international and local experts. Following each workshop on filmmaking, children and young people are expected to produce films to be screened locally and, if possible, at international film festivals. The content of the films expresses issues related to everyday’s life. 


The project serves 1860 children, 60 youth trainees, 1080 family members and more than 8000 local community members. It employs three facilitators and two coordinators from the local communities. This project is deemed sustainable due to the partnership with three local organizations (Aqaba Special Economic Zone - ASEZA, Mafraq Youth Center and Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority). The project equips RFC with sustainable know-how and resources to help it mainstream its interventions beyond the project’s lifespan. Local partners will (remove “will”) also have the space and trained human resources to maintain the project’s interventions, under the supervision of RFC, beyond the three-year program. 


Capitalizing on evening activities for tourists in Petra and Wadi Rum, cinema buses are used to screen Jordanian / historic films to tourists (open-air cinema), in return for a fee, contributing to the project’s financial sustainability. 

The project’s main objectives:

a) Build the capacity of children and young people in the art of filmmaking as a form of expression.
b) Raise public awareness of cinematic arts through engaging the local community in cultural events and filmmaking.
c) Develop the institutional capacity of local partners.

This project is funded and supported by Drosos Foundation.

Drosos Foundation is committed to the effective and sustainable improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged people and to protecting the environment. The Foundation develops and supports projects that have a direct bearing on improving the living conditions of particular population groups. Wherever the Foundation is involved, it seeks a long-term impact.

The operational framework of the Foundation includes the following areas: income generation, harm reduction for risk groups, facilitating access to education and knowledge, promoting creative activities for young people, environmental protection as well as protection and social reintegration.