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Creative Consultants

Creative Consultants play an important role in Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab as they carefully go through all the submitted projects making sure the ones selected are those showing promise and most likely to benefit from the Lab.

 Following is the list of Mosalsalat Creative Consultants for the past round, in addition to a brief bio for each:

Ahmad Khatib

Ahmad Khatib is a filmmaker, academic and a journalist. He has worked in video production for about fifteen years.

After nine years of working as a news documentary cameraman, editor, producer and reporter, Khatib joined the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA) and graduated with a Master’s degree in Film Producing and Cinematography. He was the writer, producer and director of the anthology mini web-series “The Box” which was released in 2019.

He was selected by the Producers Guild of America (PGA) as the first non-American to participate in the Power of Diversity Workshop, which took place in Los Angeles. Soon after, he joined Revelations Entertainment (owned by Morgan Freeman) in LA, as part of the creative story development team. 

Khatib was the Head of Filmmaking and Digital Journalism Department at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE Amman) for three years as he taught screenwriting and directing courses.

Currently, Khatib is Edraak’s Head of Media Production. Edraak is Queen Rania Foundation (QRF) MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative.

Lynda Belkhiria

Lynda Belkhiria graduated with a communications degree and is active in the audio-visual field since 2002. She works as a festival programmer, industry consultant and curator. She has joined the Carthage Film Festival in 2016 as head of the co-production workshop and is currently head of the industry platform Carthage pro and a board management committee member. 

She participated as a jury member in international festivals. Belkhiria is the Co-Creator of the event “No Means No!” and president of “Action 216” association.

She previously worked as an industry coordinator at Doha Tribeca Films Festival, and a production coordinator in various films such as “The Black Gold” as well as TV series.

Menna Ekram

Menna Ekram is a writer/director from Egypt. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media, and an MFA in Cinematic Arts from the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA). She is a recipient of Chevening Scholarship where she got her MA in Feature Filmmaking at Bath Spa University in the UK.

Menna works as a freelance writer for TV dramas. She has writing credits on:  the hit TV show “Heba Crow’s Feet” (180-episode); the social drama “Seventh Neighbor” (60-episode). And the supernatural thriller “Zodiac”, which is being picked up for two more seasons. And lately the fantasy thriller “Wadi Al Jinn'' which was picked up for a second season and currently in post-production.

Menna has written more than 10 short fiction films, some of which were commissioned by UN Women, GTZ and other regional organizations. She is also a feminist activist who co-founded the Ikhtyar initiative and launched the first feminist cinema club in Egypt.

In 2015, she went on to write/direct/produce her award-winning short film “The Wheel”, which went on to screen in more than 17 festivals.

In 2019, she went on to write/direct/co-produce her short film “Colorblind”, which premiered in the 40th Durban International Film festival in South Africa.